Zoa Morani’s note, after Karim Morani’s return post Covid-19, says ‘a whirlwind of experience but happy to be on the other side of it’-bollywood.

A few hours after producer Karim Morani was discharged from Nanavati hospital in Mumbai for a negative reaction to the coronavirus, his daughter Zoa Morani, an actress, wrote a long and moving note about the family’s recovery on Instagram.

Zoa and Shaza Morani tested out of six. April on the Kovid-19, and Karim tested for the first time two days later on the Kovid-19. While his daughters returned home a few days ago, Karim was only released after his test results were negative for the second time after treatment.

She showed a family photo of one of her travels on Instagram and wrote: A positive recovery… And last night my father came home, the treatment was over, and now our whole family – Covid-19 – is negative! We are all home now, healthy and in a good mood! A wormhole of experiences, but so happy to be on the other side… Each of us has our own experience with the symptoms, so it is best to consult a doctor or hospital for advice. My father has no complaints (9 days in hospital), my sister has headache and fever (6 days in hospital), I have a fever, I am tired, cough, stagnant chest, shortness of breath and headache (7 days in hospital).

They were flexible and controllable. Anyway, a flu with a strange feeling… The doctors and medical staff were fearless, positive and extremely helpful and caring. @my_bmc @mybmchealthdept were on the front line and followed us every turn, from providing proper treatment to cleaning our entire building and streets! To ensure that the rest of the occupants of our building are safe! And yes, it’s 14 days of isolation at home with a healthy diet, rest and vitamins.

She praised the government’s efforts to overcome the crisis, she wrote: We are very grateful to our government for dealing with this pandemic! Thank you, Nanavati Hospital, for taking care of my father and sister and sending them home completely healed. Many thanks to the hospital in Kokilaben! Postponed forever! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your care and warm wishes. I am very grateful to be on the positive side in rebuilding this pandemic. Sincere and deep prayers for the whole world and their families who have suffered from the serious side of the disease … ~ ? CovidRecovered? ? Covid ThankYouGod?

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Karim said in a statement on his return: To my friends and family with the gods of mercy and goodness (I) went home because I had already tested negative twice. I felt very comfortable in the hospital in Nanavati, where I felt asymptotic during my stay. I have to say, all the departments, from the government to the combat doctors, are doing a fantastic job.


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