ZenWave Audio’s SCR-14 Speaker Cables – A Giant Killer?

It’s tough to shock a skilled audiophile. We have actually mosted likely to all the exhibition, acquired and also obtained great deals of equipment, and also checked out all our regional dealerships. We have actually basically listened to all the feasible sonic ranges and also tradeoffs. Yet every now and then … an item comes that obstacles your prejudgments.

A couple of months back, one such item for me was the ZenWave Sound PSR-14 power line. It was granted “Best in Class” not just due to the fact that it exceeded much more expensive cords on several facets– yet due to the fact that it had both triviality and also musicality. Which is a unicorn of a mix. The only tradeoff I might listen to was the much less natural and also a lot more neutral tone. Which, undoubtedly, might not be a tradeoff relying on that you ask.

I was so pleased by its efficiency, I asked ZenWave Sound if they might make a UPOCC copper variation, not simply for a power line, yet an audio speaker wire too. Although ZenWave is rather tight-lipped concerning what their bow conductor layout involves (completely factor), you might discover a couple of tips below.

Advanced Bow Conductor Layout

The SCR and also SSR (Audio speaker wire, Copper Bow audio speaker wire, Silver Bow, specifically) audio speaker cords are stemmed from the PSR-14 power line (Power line, Silver Bow–14 scale), and also are readily available in both 14 and also 11 scale variations, which would certainly be the SCR-14 and also SCR-11 or SSR-14 and also SSR-11 The PSR-14 is a cost-no-object UPOCC silver power line utilizing a rather sophisticated bow conductor layout that enables me to make the wire with much less inductance vs a traditional wire. This functioned so well that I utilized it as a basis to make various other cords, I made copper bow power line in addition to the silver and also copper bow audio speaker cords.

The audio speaker cords are really comparable to the power line, yet have a lot more well balanced inductance vs capacitance, the audio speaker cords have much less capacitance vs the power line. I additionally make use of the bow conductors to make adjoin cords, the DSR IC is a 17 g UPOCC silver IC wire and also there will certainly be copper variations ultimately too. The ICs have much much less capacitance vs the power and also audio speaker cords, so an entirely various geometry, these cords will certainly use options to my silver/gold alloy and also copper litz adjoin cords.

The Good News Is, a couple of months later on I got the ZenWave Sound audio speaker cords with both copper and also silver variations (SCR-14 and also SSR-14 specifically). My emphasis will certainly be one the copper version: the ZenWave Sound SCR-14 Allow’s get going.


Regarding develop high quality, the audio speaker cords have a layer of pure, natural cotton under the techflex, and also the shades of techflex are “carbon” and also “dark carbon.” The dark carbon has a black layer under it while the carbon has white beneath. The cords themselves are really adaptable and also the Furutech banana ports turn on firmly.

Undoubtedly, the aesthetic appeals are more detailed to a Do It Yourself wire. It really feels even more handmade and also “fabric-like.” Hell, I assume these are just one of really couple of cords I’ve ever before seen with transcribed tags (which isn’t a poor point?). So if you’re anticipating carbon fiber filters with laser-etched tags– you will not discover that below. However, a wire crafted with love.


  • Audio Speakers: LSA-10 Declaration. I like these audio speakers.
  • Amplifiers: I have actually examined these cords with the PS Sound Sprout100, Emerald Physics 100.2 SE, and also Chord Electronic devices TToby power amplifiers. The TToby does not have much power for these audio speakers– yet has one of the most precise tonal shade I have actually listened to until now from a stereo amplifier. The beefier 100.2 SE has a somewhat a lot more grayish tone yet is a lot more tonally thick, tosses out a much bigger picture, and also simply punches out a whole lot a lot more.
  • Playback: Out of comfort, I utilized a Chromecast Sound with the Chord Electronic Devices Hugo M Scaler to stream Tidal, Spotify, and also Qobuz from a computer. Nevertheless, I discovered that the noise would certainly obtain over cast and also soft gradually. I would certainly need to separate and also reconnect to the M Scaler to fix the noise. It’s rather negative and also really visible.
    • This variance sufficed for me to stay with streaming Tidal/Qobuz from Roon on my Innous ZENith SE Mk.2 songs web server for the remainder of the evaluation.
  • DACs: Chord Electronic Devices DAVE, TT 2, and also Qutest.
  • Power: I utilized a battery-powered Chromecast Sound (5V), Chord Electronic Devices Qutest (5V), TT 2 (12 V), and also M Scaler (12 V) for these examinations. Remember battery powering your Chord Electronic devices equipment will certainly invalidate your guarantee! Nevertheless, if you want to risk it, the gains are rather substantial (specifically for the HMS). Sound flooring decreases and also the songs tackles a lot more framework.
    • I purchased a few of these Krisdonia battery loads with a splitter wire. There’s a passthrough setting that enables you to bill while powering gadgets.
    • I have actually attempted various other battery packs and also feel this set seems the very best. Maintain in the mind the DC wire matters a fair bit. It’s the distinction in between all-natural and also synthetic accent. I make use of a 7N copper one from ZenWave Sound yet you might conveniently make your very own.
    • Additionally, I discovered powering the TT 2 with 12 V really did not have as much zest as the supply power supply– yet you obtain a a lot more substantial noise with a battery (not as much blossom). I’ll be switching to a Paul Hynes SR7 quickly.


ZenWave Sound SSR-14 (UPOCC Silver)

What’s fascinating is that the SSR-14 audio speaker cords had a really comparable influence on the “big picture” as the PSR-14 power cable. It was robust, fixing, and also 100% clear. Probably a lot more so in audio speaker wire kind. Basically, if you focus on nonpartisanship, rate, and also resolution– you’ll like this wire. It still surprises me just how it has the ability to handle many sonic top qualities– so damn well.

Please have a look at my evaluation of the PSR-14 for a concept of what I imply. Just like the SSR-14, I really feel the tonal had not been as all-natural for singing recordings. Never ever be afraid, that’s where the SCR-14 is available in.

ZenWave Sound SCR-14 (UPOCC Copper)

This wire has a lot of the top qualities of the SSR-14 yet, in my point of view, with far better tonal equilibrium. It’s not as fast, micro-detailed, or wrapping up– yet it has a much more vivid combination. Apart from the Danacabel Sapphire Mk.2, I do not assume I have actually listened to an audio speaker wire that recreates tone so precisely. Usually, audio speaker cords with precise accent have a lot more roughness, are thinner seeming, and also sometimes a little bit wiry. I figured this was the “expected” tradeoff, yet ZenWave Sound has actually currently gotten rid of that concept with their brand-new bow conductors.

Allow’s damage down what you’re obtaining with this audio speaker wire. The ZenWave SCR-14’s 3 significant staminas are tone, product resolution, and also communication.


The SCR-14 is the king of tone. As you possibly understand, I such as utilizing duets as examination tracks for tone occasionally. One dealbreaker I listen to with several cords is a “blanket” pigmentation. Voices all audio drowsy or extremely delighted– despite which tracks you play. In these instances, male and also women vocals have the very same common “coating” that simply obtains aggravating (and also dull) gradually.

One track I such as to make use of for screening is Ed Sheeran’s duet with Beyonce, Perfect. Both clearly have really various voices and also therefore ought to be really unique. Thankfully with the SCR-14, the tonal variants are recreated flawlessly (heh). This is specifically visible when they integrate with each other in the direction of completion of the recording. You’re still able to listen to the one-of-a-kind tone and also textural signs layered in addition to each other. Many cords aren’t able to make this rather complicated difference.

Basically, the significance of the recording is protected. This additionally goes with an additional recording: United States the Duo’s (Quit) Simply Love. There’s constantly an individualistic high quality in between the pair’s vocal singing design and also tone. This is simply something many audio speaker cords can not solve.

Product Resolution

The SCR-14 additionally communicates product distinctions extremely well. Take a pay attention to Paco de Lucia’s La barrosa (alegria). Apart from the transcendent flamenco guitar play by the late God himself, focus on the clappers behind-the-scenes. With the SCR-14, there’s a specific put and also clarity that makes the rhythm a lot extra apparent. Apart from listening to the quick activity of those claps you have the ability to understand the quantity of pressure used. Several various other cords seem even more like a hand clap and even a step– all at the very same degree of toughness.

When it comes to the guitar, you have the ability to imagine the quick rasgueado while really feeling the resonances of those strings. Minimal cords seem even more loosened up and also even more “blobby.” There are some cords do this well– yet the SCR-14 uses up a couple of notches by a more powerful degree of substantial delineation. It’s terrifying just how genuine it seems.


A master of communication. The SCR-14 is not just able to picture and also location entertainers precisely, yet it additionally does so with a spooky degree of realistic look. The left and also right networks never ever appear to play individually from each various other. Yes, that’s just how it ought to be … yet the SCR-14 makes it really obvious. This causes the promo of the acoustic state of mind by having the ability to flex and also adhesive the harmonic changes airborne. This is specifically visible throughout slow-moving consistency to tune changes.

A terrific instance is Al Di Meola’s Splendido Sundance where each network has fun with and also for every various other– instead of alone. It virtually seems like they’re jumping power in between each various other. If there was a suitable time to make use of the descriptor “effortless”– this would certainly be it. The songs is caked and also makes the impression a lot extra immaculate.


I experienced my entire collection of songs. From hip-hop to rock, people, classic, and also digital– and also I located it really tough to discover any kind of significant mistakes with the SCR-14 Nevertheless, when I contrasted it to the Furutech DPS-4 and also High Integrity Cables CT-2 audio speaker cords (and also a couple of others)– I did begin to discover a couple of tradeoffs.

Initially, the SCR-14 really did not have as much base grunt and also weight. It misses out on that much deeper, denser visibility. To put it simply, it does not thump or bend as ostensibly in the bass area as plainly. This is specifically visible in the reduced octaves of piano notes. Remember, these are the family member distinctions. The SCR-14 is not slim seeming whatsoever. And also, of what it deserves, the SCR-14 still seems even more like a piano.

OK, so the tradeoff for the previously mentioned top qualities is a leaner lower end. The good news is, this was simple to reduce with the thicker seeming amplifier such as the Emerald Green Physics 100.2 SE. Tone takes a minor hit– yet you obtain a much heavier and also a lot more gravitational noise. The incredible point is that the SCR-14 still maintains volume while keeping the most affordable degrees of subtlety. It does not exaggerate it– simply sufficient of it. Up until now, I really feel the tradeoff is definitely worth improving tonal high quality.

Conversely, ZenWave Sound provides an 11- assess variation of this wire: the SCR-11 Relying on your amplifier and also audio speakers, this might in fact include even more body to the noise with no concessions to timbre. I’ll with any luck obtain a trial wire end quickly.

Last Ideas

ZenWave Sound has actually made fantastic cords in the past– yet they knocked it out of the park with these UPOCC bow cords. They are gradually various (in an excellent way) from any kind of audio speaker wire I have actually listened to until now.

Regarding the variations, some might favor the SSR-14 for its nonpartisanship, soundstage, short-term quality, and also miraculous quantity of openness. But also for my preferences, the SCR-14 is a lot more fascinating, pure, and also has even more “intent.” In addition to its timbral precision is practically incomparable. Oh yep, it’s additionally a lot more cost effective.

The reoccuring motifs with the ZenWave Sound SCR-14 audio speaker cords are “truth” and also “passthrough.” There’s a special high quality that’s not a ‘special effect” but one of unimpeded transparency in both resolution and tone. There’ s constantly reduce to the noise yet it stays effective and also unobstructed. The ZenWave SCR-14 has actually not just provided me fresh understanding right into brand-new and also old recordings– yet newly found wish for advancement in this room.

Obviously, the ZenWave Sound SCR-14 remains in the competing Item of2020 Yet is it a gigantic awesome? At its degree of efficiency and also rate factor– it certain feels like it.


  • ZenWave Sound SCR-14 (2.5 m)– $1,350
  • ZenWave Sound SSR-14 (2.5 m)– $3,450

Below are rates for a stereo set without ports. The Furutech FEET-211 and also FEET-212 ports are an added $300 The item web page will certainly be up quickly. Please speak to ZenWave Sound for a quote.

SCR-14– UPOCC Copper Bow
1m set Per Meter
SSR-14– UPOCC Silver Bow
1m set Per Meter
SSR-14$ 1,50000$ 1,10000
SSR-11$ 2,50000$ 2,00 0.00

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