Warzone’ players discover a serious issue with the Ghost perk'- recognition - a series of players - a series of ghost-perk.jpg

Perk Call of Duty, known as Ghost, has been in the game for a long time because it offers players immunity to UAVs and heart rate sensors in modern multiplayer warfare. However, Warzona’s actors had a problem with these benefits, and Infinity Ward should take that into account.

Phantom Advantages Problem

Player Varzona (u/skkk50) has recently made a sub-retirement of the game to show that the ghost now has a serious bug. The player claims that this bonus is always recorded on the heart rate monitor and that it has cost him several matches (players with Cold Blooded and Ghost).

According to him, the murder of his three dead in Varzon and Solos showed that there were players chasing him with a heart rate sensor. The player also pointed it out:

  • There is a static tendency to sneak in and out, so it has nothing to do with movement.
  • No shots were fired, so it’s not a reload.
  • First life, first charge, so it’s not a bonus overlay.

Skk50 further argued that the issue is clearly contradictory, as the player claims that he also used his heart rate and other Varzona players who did not appear on the heart rate monitor during the game that day stumbled and sometimes even switched off.

The operating system even provided a direct link to the Activision support site and indicated that it felt that this type of accidental problem could not be solved if the developer and test team couldn’t repeat it.

It’s not certain yet, but OP thinks this problem with Ghost Perk came at the end of Warzona’s third season. Due to Dexerto there are players who reported until the last update that the bonus in question was hiding them from the heart rate monitors.

Maybe for reasons of compromise

Others argued that the low bonus could be due to compensating reasons in the war zone, as it would be quite powerful if it gave players complete invisibility. If this is true, the site added that it is unlikely that the proponent will reverse his earlier decision, especially in the near future in the life of the BR shooter.

Infinity Ward, on the other hand, have not yet resolved this issue from their Varzona base. Hopefully the developer will continue to apply patches to the game as he has done in the past.

Burglary in Varzon

Meanwhile, Warzona players have also expressed concern about the many cases of piracy in the game. One of the well-known players who has expressed such concerns lately is the founder of the company 100 Thieves Matthew Haag, also known as Matthew Haag. Naddshot. This is after their trio of equally famous content authors, TimTheTatman and Courage, fell victim to an opponent who was said to have hacked into a game earlier this month.

He does not believe that the AAA developer failed to add an overheating protection system to Warzone and instead hired a so-called security team to audit the hackers’ accounts. At the same time, Nadeshot pointed out that there are over 30 million players already in the game, and added that he didn’t want the name to wear out just because of a burglary.

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