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Upgraded on February 12, 2020

Whether you’re backcountry winter sports or high-altitude alpinism, you might not have the ability to get to the top (or the ground) without a dependable ice axe at hand. Held firmly to your body with a band around your wrist, an ice axe will certainly not just assist you to dig your means up sheer, upright glaciers yet it will certainly likewise conserve your life at a minute’s notification. So whenever you establish out on an icy journey, we extremely advise bringing along the very best alpinism ice axe you can discover.

However, locating the best ice axe for your requirements can appear like an uphill struggle. For such a little tool, they’re rather costly. As well as just how could you potentially understand which one can conserving your life? Luckily, our specialists right here at The Experience Addict selected our 10 preferred alpinism ice axes to assist make your choice a little simpler. So checked out the listed here to figure out which is your following buddy.

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Black Ruby Raven

  • Product: Stainless-Steel And Also Light Weight Aluminum Shaft
  • Choose Forming: Standard Contour
  • Shaft Forming: Straight
  • Light Weight Aluminum Shaft Decreases Weight Without Giving Up Stamina
  • Teeth Safely Attack Snow
  • Ergonomic Hand Hold Develops Secure Grasp
Black Diamond Raven


The traditional style of the Black Ruby Raven provides mountain climbers a safe as well as trusted device for browsing icy inclines. Its sharp, stainless-steel teeth will certainly attack right into any type of surface area as well as successfully self-arrest you if you drop or glissade down a hill face. The light-weight light weight aluminum shaft will certainly fit completely right into any type of bag loophole as well as will not tax your walk.

With this ice axe, nevertheless, note that while the framework will certainly aid with self apprehensions as well as glissading, you might desire a much more structured style for major climbs. This ice axe might not have the ability to eat away at the most difficult of ice drops, so we advise a more powerful, much more effective axe for major mountaineers.

Petzl Top Evo

  • Product: Aluminum/Steel/Polyurethane
  • Choose Forming: Standard Contour
  • Shaft Forming: Bent
  • Slim Choose Is Toothed At Suggestion For Optimum Grip
  • Head And Also Spike Have Holes For Carabiner Accessory
  • Bent Shaft Develops Extra Power
Petzl Summit Evo


The light-weight Top Evo Ice axe is a functional, solid device that can go into the roughest of surface areas. Quickly held at the take care of for toughness or simply under the choice for control, the Evo’s choice is made thicker between for soft snow as well as sharp toothed at the pointer for thick ice. The stainless-steel spike itself will certainly last with lots of explorations while the grasp makes sure a comfy feeling.

This is a solid, trusted, as well as light-weight axe that might take a little experience to excellent being used, yet in the future, will certainly pay countless returns. We extremely recommend this axe to solid mountaineers aiming to scale some major surface.

Camp UNITED STATES Corsa Nanotech

  • Product: Aluminum/Steel
  • Choose Forming: Standard Contour
  • Shaft Forming: Bent
  • Nylon Spike Plug Maintains Ice Out Of Shaft
  • Sign Cautions When Choose Is Too Dull For Usage
  • Separately Sold Chain Affixes To Shaft


Made distinctly with copyrighted Sandvik Nanoflex steel, the Camp UNITED STATES ice axe is 70% more powerful as well as 20% even more long lasting than regular steel ice axes. A lot more outstanding, this tradeoff does not lead to an excessively hefty ice axe, yet instead a light-weight, curved device that supplies mountain climbers with sufficient clearance to rise without excessive of a curved to aggravate them.

Various other functions consist of an independently offered chain that affixes to the shaft in addition to a nylon plug that limits ice from rattling about in the shaft of your axe. These little yet beneficial functions make the Camp UNITED STATES stick out as one of the toughest as well as most trusted ice axes on the marketplace. Bear in mind, nevertheless, that with curiver ice axes, you might have the ability to obtain a little bit much more power than with this Camp axe.

Grivel Ghost Evo

  • Product: Carbon Steel
  • Choose Forming: Standard Contour
  • Shaft Forming: Bent
  • Made With Solid Carbon Steel
  • Qualified To European Wellness, Safety And Security And Also Environmental Specification
  • Lightweight


The distinct, curved style of the Grivel Ghost Evo Ice Axe gives mountain climbers sufficient clearance to rise the steepest of inclines while its sharp toothed, bent choice enables mountain climbers to obtain technological with their climbs also. The carbon steel product will certainly stand up to much more effect as well as wear than many various other ice axes as well as the choice itself, which is much more bent than contending designs, might dig much deeper right into ice pieces for included security.

We advise this ice axe for novices aiming to take on technological climbs. The style as well as weight of it make it a user friendly technological ice axe.

Black Ruby Poison Adze

  • Product: Aluminum/Stainless Steel
  • Choose Forming: Standard Contour
  • Shaft Forming: Bent
  • Accurate And Also Versatile To Any Type Of Surface
  • Compatible Choose
  • Moving Pommel Lock Permits Greater And Also Reduced Holds Depending Upon Surface


The Black Ruby Poison Adze Ice Axe might set you back greater than others, yet with a distinctively functional style, it deserves the financial investment. A light, quick shaft coupled with a technological choice integrates to make an extremely solid ice axe. As well as, with a flexible pommel that you can glide backwards and forwards as well as secure right into location with a little bar, you can utilize this device on both high as well as light inclines.

Completely, it’s functions make the Poison Ice Axe an all-round device for alpinism, back-country winter sports, as well as snow climbing. Various other axes might be much more specialized, yet if you have a variety of rate of interests, we advise the Poison Ice Axe for all your requirements.

Cassin X-All

  • Product: Aluminum/Chromoly Steel
  • Choose Forming: Reverse Contour
  • Shaft Forming: Bent
  • Compatible Ice Choose
  • Easy-To-Adjust Grasp
  • Quickly Affixes To A Carabiner


There are couple of ice axes available that featured a reverse bent choice as well as also less efficient in excavating right into an ice autumn when there’s little to no angle. Luckily, the minds over at Cassin have actually crafted a near-unbeatable all-mountain ice axe that operates especially well in low-angle climbing. This choice, with a really distinct style, makes use of chromoly steel for excavating right into the ice as well as a quickly flexible grasp for all hand dimensions.

Made in Italy, we recommend this to severe, muli-sport mountaineers aiming to climb up big overhangs as well as ice falls.

Grivel G1/G1 And Also

  • Product: Carbon Steel
  • Choose Forming: Standard Contour
  • Shaft Forming: Bent
  • Spiked Shaft To Help Climbing
  • Light-weight Layout
  • Qualified To European Wellness, Safety And Security And Also Environmental Specification


Similar To Black Ruby’s Raven Ice Axe, the Grivel G1 as well as G1 And also are traditional, trusted ice axes for light surface as well as backcountry winter sports. Unlike the Grivel G1, which flaunts a straight shaft as well as bent choice, the G1 And also includes a somewhat bent shaft to improve flexibility as well as power. So, if you’re a starting mountain climber as well as you’re trying to find one of the most standard version available, we advise the G1, yet if you’re a little much more knowledgeable as well as just anticipate utilizing your ice axe for backcountry winter sports as well as self apprehensions, we recommend the G1 And also. It will not evaluate you down as well as is greater than trusted for any type of modest backcountry exploration.

Petzl Ergo

  • Product: Steel Head And Also Light Weight Aluminum Shaft
  • Choose Forming: Reverse Contour
  • Shaft Forming: Bent
  • Rubber Grasp For Grip
  • Flexible Manage For Several Grasp Placements
  • Ultra-Curved For Extreme Clearance


Though it might be one of the most costly ice axe on our checklist, the Petzl Ergo is without a doubt one of the most sophisticated device we have actually located. Constructed particularly for premium, high incline, technological mountain climbers as well as mountaineers, the Petzl Ergo provides an unmatched clearance of surface with a style that improves flexibility as well as toughness. Various other functions consist of a compatible dry-weather choice in addition to a flexible take care of for even more control in high atmospheres.

If ice climbing is not simply an enthusiasm for you yet a way of living, after that we extremely advise purchasing an ice axe such as Petzl’s Ergo that can match your strength.

Trango Raptor

  • Product: Light Weight Aluminum, Steel And Also Rubber
  • Choose Forming: Reverse Contour
  • Shaft Forming: Bent
  • Single Molded Rubber For Grasp
  • Deep Passing Through Choose That Cleans Up Quickly
  • Detachable Weights For Included Convenience


A well-crafted ice axe, the Trango Raptor sporting activities an excellent quality, deep permeating choice in addition to a shaped grasp for convenience. This basic, yet reliable ice axe can be relied on for any type of exploration as well as will certainly do simply great on technological climbs in addition to fitness-heavy climbs up. With its bent style as well as turned around choice, it might not be best for backcountry skiers trying to find a self-arresting ice axe, so we advise this purely to mountaineers as well as ice-climbers trying to find a trustworthy device to obtain themselves up the hill.

Black Ruby Activator

  • Product: Light Weight Aluminum Shaft, Stainless-steel Head And Also Chromoly Steel Choose
  • Choose Forming: Reverse Contour
  • Shaft Forming: Bent
  • Open Up Choose Angle Makes Climbing Up Ice Easier
  • Manage Deals Wide Grasp And Also Even More Control
  • Brief And Also Slim Choose Quickly Explores Ice


With an added vast, balance out take care of for control, when you’re climbing up with the Black Ruby Activator you’ll have the ability to obtain even more toughness as well as power behind each swing. The choice is made slim as well as brief to make sure that when it hits the ice, as opposed to ripping off a massive piece, it’ll glide right in like a needle. This style creates a somewhat larger ice axe, yet a a lot more trusted as well as accurate one in the area of exterior journey. We extremely advise it to top-level ice mountain climbers.


For such a critical tool, when you’re acquiring your very first or following ice axe, you’re mosting likely to wish to do some research study to figure out which is the very best alpinism ice axe for you. To obtain a great base, checked out what REI needs to claim on Picking An Ice Axe as well as the Ice Axe Expertise EMS provides also. After that, take a fast glimpse with our checklist of bottom lines to think about prior to acquiring your ice axe from the checklist over.


Where as well as just how do you mean on utilizing your ice axe? The setting as well as weather you intend on utilizing your axe in will significantly impact which one you need to get. Backcountry, snowy problems will certainly often tend to a much longer, lighter axe, while fast climbs up as well as high climbs will certainly ask for a much shorter, sharper ice device.


Though we have actually provided out all the above as ice axes, there is a technological difference in between ice axes as well as ice devices. Ice axes are usually larger as well as sporting activity a much more traditional appearance. You’ll make use of these in snowy atmospheres or while backcountry winter sports. Ice devices are suggested particularly for ice climbing as well as their main objective is to obtain you up a slope. These are much more technological devices so they will certainly usually be much shorter as well as sporting activity a couple of even more functions to enhance their handling.


If you’re ice climbing up a falls, you’re practically absolutely mosting likely to desire a rounded shaft as it’ll boost your control, yet if you’re merely backpacking or treking with severe surface, a straight or a little curved shaft will certainly do as the device’s main objective will certainly be for an emergency situation self-arrest or included security when passing through.


As a basic general rule, the more affordable the ice axe, the much less technological the device. Affordable ice axes will certainly constantly operate in snowy problems, yet if you discover on your own climbing up thoroughly, just like an inexpensive blade, they might not hold a side as long. As constantly, if you’re climbing up major surface, spend the cash in major tools. It can conserve your life.



Wonderful for self apprehension as well as holds much better in ice.


Gets rid of swiftly as well as conveniently from ice.


An ice-axe shaft might be bent or bend a little at a factor.


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