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All the news that made the headlines today.

Kevin Petersen and Gautam GambirKevin Petersen and Gautam GambirKevin Petersen and Gautam Gambir (source: Getty Pictures)

Gautam Gambhir-Troll Kevin Petersen on his comments GG smile

  • Gautam Gambir and Kevin Petersen have made famous excursions. Both were once the pillars of their teams.
  • At the same time, Gautam and Kevin had the opportunity to explore social media together.
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Sri Lanka is ready to adopt IPL 2020: SLC submits this proposal in BCP.

  • With the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, the sporting scenario around the world has come to a standstill.
  • To fight the pandemic, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Maudie first announced a 21-day blockade.
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If a person gives a rupee with the right emotions, it is a very big contribution: Gautam Gambir

  • The locusts came forward and donated huge amounts of money to PM-Cares in India to support the fight against the deadly coronavirus.
  • He has now called on everyone in the country to make the greatest possible contribution.
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ICC welcomes CSR proposal to criminalise gambling fraud in Pakistan

  • The International Cricket Council (ICC) has welcomed the call of the Pakistani Cricket Council to play and detect criminal activities in Pakistan.
  • According to Mani, since PCBs do not have the power to invade personal bank accounts or call witnesses.
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Sachin Tendulkar once declared that he could no longer accept short-term deliveries: Sean Pollock

  • Sean Pollock, a former rapid-transport boiler maker in South Africa, said that Sachin Tendulkar had already encountered a significant number of problems when faced with short-term deliveries.
  • In an attempt to counteract them, Pollock said that Tendulkar had used a risky game on a slope just above the gate and a drawstring.
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He didn’t even have any club experience – Mohammad Yusuf beat the TCOP for making Misbah ul Haq the head coach of.

  • Since his retirement, Yusuf often wears an expert’s hat and gives an honest insight into the game.
  • It seems that CoSA’s decision to make Misbah ul-Haq the head coach didn’t have a good effect on him.
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