Southland Tales Prequel Is Happening, Will Be Live-Action and Animation

As for the cinematic wonders of a hit, the film directed by Richard Kelly is a twisted Donny Darko hit. His next film, Tale of Southland, just as twisty but much less successful, will go down in history forever as one of Hollywood’s biggest losers. Kelly did not give up hope and revealed some details about the prequel to Southland Tales, which according to him will be a mix of animation and action.

My *hope* is to make the new movie Prequel #SouthlandTales, which uses a mix of animation and live action. This new film can be released with an improved version of an existing film with important new content. #SouthlandNow.#

Richard Kelly continues to explain how this combination of live action and animation is played on the big screen, adding the story he started in 2006.

The development of visual effects and animation techniques will allow *hopause* to see the complete vision of #SouthlandTales in daylight. Scenario completed and assets secured. Many thanks to everyone who supported this film – it will always be my favorite film. #SouthlandNow.#

The bizarre world of Southland fairy tales has undoubtedly been in Kelly’s mind for some time.

The live action of the new film will bring the crazy scenario of THE POWER to life, a crazy scenario in a film written by Boxer Santaros and Krysta Now. The dinner will take place in 2024 and is very important for the story that will be told in 2008. #SouthlandNow.#

He refers to the script now written by Boxers Santaros and Krista, the characters who played Duane Johnson and Sarah Michelle Gellar respectively in the first Tales from the South, and says that the live part of the film will bring to life scenes written as part of the film. Maybe now we know why the public didn’t understand the complex idea of Southland stories…

If this happens… the animation part of the new film will be available from the 30th. For three days, on June 6, the magazine recounts the events of 2008, when boxer Santaros wakes up with amnesia in the Nevada desert… and then begins a journey through Las Vegas before returning to Los Angeles. #SouthlandNow.#

Richard Kelly clearly has big plans for the franchise, which according to Kelly should have six chapters. But he has to approve and execute the second one first.

#SouthlandTales is a saga in six parts This film covers the second half. With @brettweldele I wrote graphic novels about the first three chapters. I’ve finished an ambitious new screenplay that uses novels as a model for an ambitious new film. #SouthlandNow.#

Clearly, Kelly has never strayed too far from the big idea of Stories from the South, and he has big plans for the future of the film. However, his own claim that the first film covers the second half of the six chapters suggests why the audience and critics were unable to contact him, making it somewhat unlikely that his project will ever be realized.

Southland Fairytales takes place during a three-day heat wave before the big party on the 4th. July. An amnesia actress meets a porn star who is developing his own reality TV show and a policeman who holds the key to a big conspiracy. This came to us from Richard Kelly’s Twitter account.

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