Seahawks Get a Positive Update on Jadeveon Clowney

Jadveon Clowney Shihawks.


Jadveon Clowney continues to play the waiting game in the free office.

The longer the free agency Jadeveon Clowney exists, the longer the Seahawks hope to be persuaded to return. ESPN’s Josina Anderson said the Seahawks had remained open when Clowney returned, but the team’s economic situation had changed significantly since Seattle made its first offer when the free agency showed up.

the [relative] latest reports on Jadivon Clowney and #Seahawks. It has just been said that while Seattle remains open to the return of Clowney, the economic situation has changed considerably in recent months since both sides delivered their speeches. The starting point would be different. Anyway, not in the air right now, Anderson was tweeting.

Clowney bet the team will make a big offer, but he still hasn’t made a deal he’d like. The passer-by may have to wait closer to training camp to meet potential teams, but Anderson adds that there doesn’t seem to be a big contract with the NFL teams waiting for him and could lose money next season.

It is also necessary to keep an eye on the others, at the macro level, because everything that is going on in the world right now, which is based on much discussion, some clubs will be even more shy, and a source told me that they will not be surprised if the cap goes down next season, – explained Anderson on Twitter.

The Seahawks are reportedly willing to pay the Clown’ssalary for $15 million.

Anderson’s latest report coincides with that of the Sikhoukas, who have repeatedly stressed that they do not rule out Clowney’s dismissal. The question is whether the Seahawks are willing to pay Clowney now that the free agency contract is three months old. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk said Sihouki Clowni had offered a $15 million payday for a one-year contract and that he might still be willing to pay the same price for his ticket.

How much will the sihoukas pay? As a certified league source, Seattle is willing to pay $15 million to Clowney under a one-year contract, Florio said. During the negotiations between Clowney and Seattle it turned out that the Browns would pay Clowney 18 million dollars. It is not clear whether this is a real proposal or some kind of pump that happens during the negotiations.

John Clayton of ESPN 710 in Seattle said the Seahawks would have to raise about $10 million to sign a contract with Clowney, which should be on the table. The Seahawks released Justin Britt and DJ Fluker at the beginning of the season, but they still have to work to make room.

Some people think that the latest reports are clowns trying to create leverage.

Gregg Bell of the News Tribune said he thinks the latest reports are an attempt by the clown camp to make an offer that will please the suspect. Bell called it Anderson’s Posture and Leverage Report, organized by Clowney.

More attitude, with Jadeveon Clowney among the #Seahawks and all other teams potentially interested in the competition, Bell said on Twitter.

Corbin Smith of Sports Illustrated described the Seahawks’ chances of resigning from the Clown’s position as subtle, even after the last report.

I’ve been holding on to what I’m saying for a month… I still think that #Seahawk’s dismissal of Jadweon Clowney is a subtle offer at the moment, Smith said on Twitter. The new offer of $15 million coincides with the first reports of a free agency. I can’t imagine Seattle going a year beyond this agreement.

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