Sabrina Parr Discloses The Sacrifices Lamar Odom Made For Her That No Other Man Will Do

Sabrina Parr recently thought about starting her relationship with former NBA player Lamar Odom on his first birthday.

On page six it says that Sabrina shared a series of photos of herself and the ex-baller on Monday, since their first meeting, including their first date. Parr knew Lamar was the right man for him because he was willing to make sacrifices that other men were never willing to make.

Parr said she came up with a list of restrictions and standards that Lamar Odom had to abide by, including not living in a state other than her own, not meeting other women, not living in the same house, and not immediately wanting to have sex.

Another entry on his list was to avoid an overly egocentric man. Parr says Lamar did a number of things for them, including staying in an Airbnb after moving to Atlanta, Georgia. He also met her every day at the gym to train.

Among the other women in her life, the personal trainer says that Lamar changed her phone number and severed contact with all the other girls in her life except her. Over the years, Parr explains, she has learned that some things are just not good for her.

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Today, a year ago, @lamarodom and I started dating! The first picture was the first ever taken of us. When I was trying to play it cool, hey. The second photo was our very first date, and you can see that our body language has changed a lot! Then we discovered that playing basketball and drinking red wine are two of our favorite things (our first date consisted of these two things that night). A lot of people have asked me: How did I know it was the right one? I’ve been waiting for that answer for a while. The truth is Lamar made sacrifices for me that no one has ever made before! . . When I met him, he lived in Los Angeles and I lived in Atl. He dealt with a lot of women, didn’t train, didn’t eat healthy food and was kind of everywhere, ♀ had a lot of restrictions when I met him. I wasn’t seriously thinking about dating a guy who lives out of state. I didn’t want a man living in my place. I didn’t want to have sex with him. I didn’t want to date a man who had relationships with multiple women. I didn’t want to date a man who was so introverted that he couldn’t exploit my interests and activities… So you know what Lamar did? He moved to the Atlantic Ocean and rented an airlift where he could stay. He met me every day at the gym to train with me, and he even started trying all my smoothies and healthy food. He changed his phone number and broke off contact with former women. He worked patiently in my busy schedule with my two children and my niece who lived with me at the time. He also learned how to be intimate with me without having sex! With all this, I said to myself: Okay, I’ll try. This year has been extremely adventurous and imperfect for us! (emphasis on imperfect fun). Anyway, I’m really grateful for the time we’ve had so far and can’t wait to see our future! . . I’m certainly not an expert on relationships, but here’s some advice I’d like to give you: Set your limits and respect them! If they want you, they’ll respect you and stay close to you. If they don’t, they’re not the right thing for you to do anyway! … A baby a year younger! I love you @lamarodom… #@Blacklove

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That’s why she chose not to make love to a man right away and praised Parr Lamar because he was so patient and learned to be intimate without actually having sex with him. Parr continued to urge her and her disciples to set boundaries and respect them.

If a man doesn’t respect them, Parr thinks he’s probably not the right one after all. As mentioned earlier, Odom and Parr got engaged in November after a commitment of five months.


The former NBA player was married to Khloe Kardashian, but in the years leading up to their divorce in 2016, they broke up their relationship. Last year Lamar appeared in the media several times because of his relationship with Khloe, next to his new memoirs, which were about the same romance.

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