[Review] ‘Resident Evil Resistance’ is Messy Multiplayer Mayhem

The resident of Evil 3 came and left last week with a somewhat mixed reception. Despite the fact that it was a fun game, I personally felt that a lot of opportunities were being missed. Simultaneously open beta for multiplayer game in the package; RE : Resistance, I had problems with PS4 and PC players, so I left it in this magazine.

But during the weekend the problems seemed to be solved, so I played a lot of matches in the RE : The resistance to the transfer of my experiences is still there.

As a modern multiplayer game, this incarnation will be the first in a long series, with many changes and updates in the months and even (as Capcom hopes) years to come. In its current state, however, I’ve left him bored and disappointed, with plenty of room for improvement in all aspects of the game.

BR : Resistance is supposed to give you some kind of return to Aboriginal evil: Flash and Left 4 Dead, with a lively touch of modern asymmetrical multiplayer titles like Dead By Daylight for a change. There are two ways to play. The term survivor essentially refers to a mileage from one point on the map to another point before the expiration date. Another mode is called Master Thought, in which you’re essentially a director working under an umbrella, playing a twisted Kevin version of the movie Home Alone and setting traps and enemies on the map to maim and kill a team of survivors trying to leave the level.

Before you start the game, you’ll find yourself in the Handbook section, where you can try out the two modes – Survivor and Master Thought – and get an explanation of the rules without the pressure of a live game.

In survival mode, you can play alone or with four people, with no other options. You have to go from one part of the map to another, collect money all the time in the form of umbrella credits, help your teammates and shoot/blow away all the enemies made by the Thought Master.

Despite the fact that there are six characters with different abilities, Valerie, Tyrone and Becca are the only ones who still deserve to be played as such. Their speed and efficiency in the fight against hordes of zombies really helps them to survive the attack. But even then, control can be slow. For some reason, it takes much longer than in Resident Evil 3 to press the normal tab key to deploy a weapon or items, and the ability to help teammates is also drawn in this situation. I also expected to share objects or ammunition, as Resident Evil 5 did with this system, because it would have allowed more diversity and dynamic teamwork, but nowhere else, which is a shame.

I have sometimes managed to ignore the above mentioned shortcomings. There were several fun games that emphasized the excitement and pleasure of scratching, balancing the risk and reward of catching ammunition and supplies. You have to make sure you have enough for the hordes of enemies, which are almost always made by Mastermind, and Kicker is something you never know exactly what to expect.

Usually, at the end of the level, are many zombies and zombie dogs, as well as William Birkin or Mr. X of RE2, which should be the most common in the game. So the Resistance feels that it’s not so much fun and honest, that the Master’s mind and his arsenal of undead towers are out of balance with what he might produce during the game. Your only viable choice is usually to follow the path of each man/woman for themselves and build up a supply of ammunition and health before this horde of G-virus enemies all reach you.

Survivor soon became a routine game in its current form; it still looks like an open, rather unfinished beta that could have been achieved if it had been released separately and if there had been time to work out the things that could have made this side of the game more exciting.

Like I said, you can handle these phases on the brain side. You get a map of the area where you can lay traps and enemies before the survivors reach the rooms. You also get bots to host different enemies, or more than one to make it harder for players. You can also take control of your enemies. From evil zombies to hooligans like William Birkin and Mr. X to do real damage.

I preferred this mode, especially since I could check the patterns since RE2. Without the risky management and user interface I would have even more fun.

Cycling through enemies to spawn is often confusing. If you reproduce some of them, you are not sure if they will actually appear on the map. For example, when I spawned a herd of dogs on a map, but because of a pole, I only spawned a few dogs instead of announcing to myself that I had them spawned elsewhere. The spawning maps themselves are also confusing because you don’t know what to spawn or even how to cycle through them. I’ve tried every possible key to get from traps to enemies. This made the whole thing more disappointing than it should have been, and in the end I just waited until I could produce a Birkin and made a desperate push. Finally, it takes much longer than necessary to connect to the game. Every game took at least five minutes to get me in the game.

All in all, I came out of this feeling of disappointment and became more than a little boring, and frankly, I would have liked to give the mercenary fashion a new look. Resistance is the confusion of ideas without a clear vision, even though they have the potential to become better. Unfortunately, it was released in a defective, slow and disappointing condition. There are cracks in the hope that it may end up being a good game once the feedback and new content periods are completed, but I don’t think I’ll be back in the game in the foreseeable future.

The PC revision code for Resident Evil Resistance is provided by the editor.

Resident Evil Resistance is now available as part of Resident Evil 3 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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