Restrictions on fliers to Ladakh after 3 coronavirus cases

Written by Adil Akzer
| Srinagar |

Published : 21. March 2020. 3:05:01.

Coronavirus , coronavirus infection, coronavirus mortality in India, coronavirus case in Ladakh, India News, Indian Express The Commissioner of Health of Ladakhi, Rigzin Samfel, said the last case was registered on Friday. (photo file)

The authorities have denied most foreigners travelling by air access to Ladakh following the discovery of three new cases of the coronavirus on EU territory in the last 24 hours.

Rigzin Samfel, member of the Health Care Commission of Ladakhkha, said the last case was reported Friday. Today there’s a positive case of Cargil. Last night we received information about two positive cases in Le. The total number of cases in Ladakh is now 11, he said.

Assistant commissioner Beiser ul Haq said the patient Karghil was a relative of a man who had previously tested positive. We kept him in solitary, he said.

According to the order of Saugat Bisvas, the Commissioner of the Ladakh Department may: …not carry any commercial flights landing at the IWC airport, until further notice, passengers arriving in Ladakh, with the exception of residents of Ladakh, civilian and security agents serving in Ladakh or serving until further notice.

Two days ago, the Ladakhi government decided to ban foreign tourists from all routes until the 30th day after the end of the visit. April, and employee access was also limited to April 31. Mars.

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