Most heartbreaking moments in the history of Indianapolis Colts


Everyone experiences the most heartbreaking moment in the history of the Indianapolis Colts since the franchise moved from Baltimore in 1984. The real question is the top five list: What about the other four things?

5. 1999 AFC Division Playoffs losses of Titans

The Indianapolis Colts, led by quarterback Peyton Manning, took the lead several times and took the lead on the field in a divisional round. The Colts lost in most of these cases. Remember this: One of the two AFC championships led by Peyton took place when Indianapolis was a wild card team in the 2006 NFL season.

The division one play-off loss at Peyton’s house was inflicted under then coach Jim Mora, a very good coach who tried to make his first Super Bowl. The Titans of Tennessee and coach Jeff Fisher – who had taken on the Music City Miracle Buffalo Beals – played a fantastic defense and suffocated Peyton’s air raid in the 19-16 victories.

The Titans have had their only Super Bowl so far. Maura never made it to the big game. For Peyton, it was her first taste of the playoffs, so this game is only the fifth on the list. Big broken hearts have to come for the Colts:

4. AFC 2008 wildcard loss on chargers

This game is not above the list because it was a game, and also because in the division round of the Colts you had to visit the steelworks in Pittsburgh. Your trip to the Super Bowl was difficult.

It doesn’t matter: Tom Brady wouldn’t go down that road. The New England Patriots failed to qualify for the 2008 NFL season playoffs. If the Colts had managed to beat the Chargers, their game in Pittsburgh could have been the toughest challenge of the AFC playoffs. The titans of Tennessee, who belong to the top, have lost their return journey in the divisional round. Indianapolis was able to finish sixth in the AFC championship match of Baltimore Ravens.

Another reason why this loss hurts: In 2008, the Colts 12-4, the Chargers 8-8… and yet the Chargers took over because they were champions in the league. The Colts had to play on the road, as they ended 13-3 in the AFC south area behind the Titans.

3. Lost AFC league games in the 2007 championship playoffs

The Chargers were a torture to the Colts, who kept them out of the playoffs for years. The defeat of 2007 was a major setback for Koltz, who reached the first round of qualifying and had a playing field for this encounter with the Bolts.

The attack of Indianapolis has so often failed in the play-offs under Peyton Manning. When the Colts lost eight years ago to the Titans in the 1999 divisional round, he was eliminated before Peyton was young and inexperienced. Not this time; the Chargers defeated – and conquered – the attack in Indianapolis and won 28:24.

The Colts was denied the chance to meet the invincible New England Patriots in the AFC championship game – a chance Peyton really wanted.

2. Loss of the AFC division’s playoffs in 2005 to the metals companies

It’s the worst non-Super Bowl loss of the Peyton era and for the Indianapolis Colts. That was Peyton’s best team, 14-2. The Pittsburgh steelworks were the unfortunate number six. A lot went wrong for the Colts to blow him up… …and that’s what happened.

Two games differ from this game: One of them, Mike Vanderjagt, scored a bad goal at the end of the game to seal their 21:18 defeat. Peyton was visible on the CBS cameras watching Missed! murmured.

The most important moment after the game was Steeler quarterback Ben Rothlisberger, who shot an incredible shot from the open field of Cornerstone’s Colt Nick Harper after Harper picked up the ball on the goal line of Pittsburgh-based Colt Jerome Bettis.

Harper hesitated in his search for a treadmill, and this hesitation enabled Rothlisberger to determine his length and stumble. If the Harper hadn’t changed careers, the Colts could have reached and won the Super Bowl. They would have been a bigger favorite for the AFC title this season than the Denver Broncos.

1. Super Bowl XLIV – Tracy Porter scores a six against Peyton Manning

There’s nothing to tell. The Colts and Peyton were at the helm and tried to win the Super Bowl. Manning’s done it so many times. Most Americans expected him to draw… …but he didn’t.

Porter jumped into the house and went inside. Another big Colt team was denied the Lombardi Trophy.


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