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The number of deaths due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) exceeded 100 on Sunday, while the total number of infections reached 4,000 – including 503 in Delhi, with the central government predicting a doubling of the spread of the pathogen by 4.1 days, the figure would be 7.4 without the Nizamuddinsky group, he said.

Sunday the 12th. On the 10th day of the national blockade, imposed to break the infection chain, 16 new deaths and 514 new infections were reported. Our focus is on the hunt for the virus, not eliminating the virus, said the Ministry of Health Co-Secretary Love Agarwal at the meeting.

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The recent increase in infection is largely due to the identification of hundreds of patients who visited the Tablighi Jamaat community, a group of Muslim missionaries, in Nizamuddin Basti, New Delhi last month, violating several restrictions. To date, cases related to the meeting have been reported in 17 Allied states and territories.

In Delhi, the number of Covida 19 cases rose to 503 and the number of deaths to seven, with 58 new cases and one death. Among them 320 people participated in a religious community in Nizamuddin. A 52-year-old man in the Maharaj Agricultural Hospital is the seventh person to die in the capital.

If the Tablig Jamaat incident had not taken place and we compare the doubling rate – i.e. the number of days the cases have doubled – we will see that it is currently 4.1 days (including the cases in Jamaat), and if the incident had not taken place and no additional cases had come in, the doubling rate would have been 7.4 days, Mr Agarwal said.

Eight Malaysian parishioners were unloaded on Sunday from Delhi on a special charter flight to Malaysia.

On Sunday, 86 people gathered in Tamil Nadu, including 85 returnees from Tabligh Jamaat, who were positively verified, bringing the total number of cases in the state to 571. Sunday was the fifth consecutive day that the state experienced a sharp increase in positive cases related to the Nizamuddin community.

Experts say that the national embargo – one of the few ways to combat the highly contagious infections that have killed 67,000 people worldwide – will not achieve its goal if positive cases in these groups cannot be contained in time.

In Mumbai, eight people died from Kovida-19, while positive cases in the financial center increased from 103 to 433, the Brikhanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) said. This brings the total number of deaths in Mumbai to 30, the highest in the country.

The Ministry of Health of the union said that since Saturday 505 new cases of Covida-19 and 15 deaths have been recorded, for a total of 3,577 deaths, of which 83 have been reported. However, the controlled HT count of showed a total of 4,198 cases with 114 deaths. Data from the EU Ministry of Health are lagging behind state data. The officials argue that this is due to procedural delays in the cataloguing of cases by the State.

A staff member of the Indian Medical Research Council (ICMR) said that Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, is not transmitted by air. If it is an airborne infection, all family members, regardless of contact, should react positively because they live in the same environment as the patient and the family breathes the same air. If one person was hospitalized, other patients would have been exposed (if they were airborne), but this is not the case, said Raman Rangahedkar, head of the Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases Department at ICMR.

The ICRM has issued an opinion that spitting in public places can contribute to the dissemination of Covid-19. With regard to the rapid detection of antibodies, Mr Gangahedkar said that the test kits must be ready for the environment.

On Saturday, the country’s leading biomedical research organization released a consultation on how and where to use a rapid test to determine human immunity and get people back to work. Advice is given to people in areas at risk (containment areas), high migration costs and evacuation centres. The working group set up to revise the test guidelines did not allow the private sector to carry out rapid tests.

During the meeting, Mr Agarval stated that Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba had held a meeting with District Judges, Police Commissioners, Chief Medical Officers, State and District Inspectors, State Secretaries of Health, District Health Secretaries and Chief Secretaries to discuss the situation.

District officials exchanged strategies on the demarcation of the isolation zone and the buffer zone, carried out door-to-door searches with task forces, and supervised persons coming from abroad through telemedicine and call centres.

M. Filat said that there were registered cases of Chovida-19 in 274 districts (before noon on Sunday), and the cabinet secretary demanded that all MDs respond in a unified way and develop a crisis management plan.

The government said all states have been asked to implement a district-specific containment strategy based on the detailed plan to control major epidemics released Saturday by the Department of Health. The monitoring and tracking of contacts has been the focus of our attention and we will continue to focus on this, Mr. Agarwal said.

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