How to Sample Virtual Instruments in MainStage with Auto Sampler

In this tutorial, you ’ ll discover just how to example online software application tools with Automobile Sampler in Apple MainStage and also Reasoning Pro X. Automobile Sampler permits you to recreate online tools inside EX-SPOUSE24, MainStage ’ s indigenous sampler plugin. Contrasted to various other resource-heavy plugins like Indigenous Instruments Kontakt and also Spectrasonics Omnisphere, EXS24 provides a stripped-down experience that is best for real-time efficiency where system security is crucial.

Various sort of online tools need various Automobile Sampler setups, however there are a couple of basic suggestions to remember. Prior to beginning the tasting procedure, make certain you get rid of all results plugins from the tool ’ s network strip. The act of tasting commemorates whatever in the network strip right into audio documents, so it ’ s critical to record the raw audio of the online tool. Results can constantly be included later on, however they can not constantly be gotten rid of effortlessly. If you are tasting an online tool that has integrated results, utilize your ideal judgment to identify if those need to be switched off.

In the screenshot listed below, the Carolers plugin need to be gotten rid of prior to beginning the vehicle tasting procedure.

Remove all audio effects from the channel strip before adding the Auto Sampler plugin in MainStage.

Since we ’ ve eliminated all results plugins from the network strip, the following action is to include the Automobile Sampler plugin to the network strip. The Automobile Sampler plugin can be discovered under Sound FX -> Energy -> Automobile Sampler.

After including the Automobile Sampler plugin, you ’ ll see the visual user interface listed below. In this following area, we ’ ll discuss the numerous setups in the Automobile Sampler plugin, and afterwards go over just how to set up the plugin to vehicle example various sort of online tools.

Learn how to configure Auto Sampler settings.

Array Start/End

The array beginning and also array end setups define Automobile Sampler ’ s tasting array. In many cases, I ’d advise establishing the array from C-2 to C8 unless you are particular some component of the array is not required.

Example Every

This setup defines the range in semitones (fifty percent actions) in between each tasted note. As an example, if you pick 6 semitones, the tasting pattern would certainly be something like C-2, F-2 #, C-1, F# -1, and so on. In this circumstance, notes in between C and also F# will certainly be pitch-shifted as necessary.

While it ’ s practically “best” to example every semitone, the resulting data dimension of the tool, because of the variety of examples, can be unwieldly. As an example, tasting every 2 semitones versus every semitone would certainly cause a 50% data dimension decrease.

With that said stated, there are scenarios where tasting every semitone is essential. As an example, lots of percussion online tools have a special audio on every trick. For online tools that have “same sound” on each trick (piano, strings, pads, and so on), tasting every 3-4 semitones is usually a great concession in between audio top quality and also data dimension

Round Robin

In the real life, acoustic tools are vibrant. Tweezing a violin string 5 times will certainly cause a somewhat various audio each time. Designers take this right into account when producing online tools. As opposed to videotaping a solitary example of the audio resource, they might videotape 3 or 4 examples, and also program the sampler to play a various example each time a trick is played.

If you ’ re vehicle tasting an online tool with rounded robin, you can establish Automobile Sampler to duplicate the round robin layout with approximately 8 examples per note.


The maintain establishing defines the length of time Automobile Sampler will certainly hold a note prior to launching it. It ’ s crucial to record the whole “tail” of percussive sound examples (key-boards, percussion, pizzicato strings, and so on), so it ’ s best to establish the receive time liberablly. The default setup of 10 secs is a great beginning, however do not hesitate to raise the receive time if essential.

Speed Layers

A piano reacts in different ways depending upon just how tough you strike the trick. This distinction in reaction is what online tools attempt to record with rate layers. As a whole, an online tool with even more rate layers often tend to really feel even more“real” As an example, Synthogy ’ s Cream color II piano online tool has up to 18 rate layers divided throughout 128 MIDI worths (0-127).

When you ’ re tasting an online tool, it ’ s crucial to discover a great concession in between the variety of rate layers and also data dimension. For real-time efficiency, someplace in between 4 to 6 layers is a great beginning.

Speed Reaction

MIDI has a variety of 128 worths (0-127), and also this relates to rate reaction for online tools also. Automobile Sampler ’ s rate reaction establishing defines the varieties for every rate layer. If you are tasting 2 rate layers, you can have the adhering to setups

  • Layer # 1 (0-63)
  • Layer # 2 (64-127)

Automobile Sampler provides a selection of default rate reaction contours – Linear, Log1, Log2, Log3, Exp1, Exp2, Exp3. There is additionally a personalized alternative, which permits you to configue certain rate layers.

The screenshot listed below programs 6 rate layers with the Exp1 rate reaction. The rate layers are 0-12, 13-31, 32-53, 54-76, 77-100, and also 101-127

In order to pick a correct rate reaction, you need to initially inspect if the online tool you are tasting has actually predefined rate layers. As an example, the Kontakt sampler has a “mapping editor” web page that reveals the tool ’ s rate layers and also varieties. If you have the ability to discover the rate varies for the online tool you are tasting, you need to replicate the setups in Automobile Sampler. If you are not able to discover the essential info, proceed and also example the tool with a couple of rate reaction setups to identify which one really feels one of the most all-natural to play.

Automobile Loophole

Automobile Sampler ’ s vehicle loophole function serves for strings, pads, and also various other continual tools. You can pick in between 5 vehicle knotting settings – search, search with xfade, search with reverse xfade, penrose maker, and also bidirectional. Directly talking, I ’ ve constantly made use of the penrose maker setting, so I ’d recommend beginning keeping that alternative, and also explore the various other alternatives if required.

Automobile Loophole Start/End

The vehicle loophole beginning and also vehicle loophole end setups define the looping array for an audio example. If you establish the loophole beginning to 20% and also loophole end to 80% for a 10 2nd example, the loophole will certainly begin 2 secs in and also finish 8 secs in. The specific loophole array depends upon the tool being tasted, however as a whole, you ’ ll intend to take full advantage of the loophole array without overlapping with the example ’ s strike and also degeneration. I usually make use of 30/70 for the beginning and also end factor, specifically.


The round setup need to be made use of when tasting a tool where the sound example need to play completely also if the note is launched. This setup serves for tasting drums, percussion, and also audio results.

Input Gain

When tasting an online tool, it ’ s crucial to establish the right input gain so the loudest examples come to a head around -6 dB. This makes sure the tool will certainly have a lot of clearance. If the inbound signal is as well soft, you can raise the input gain. In a similar way, if the tool is as well loud, you can reject the input gain to make sure heights do not go across -6 dB.

Since you have a basic understanding of the numerous setups in Automobile Sampler, allowed ’ s go through just how to example 3 sort of online tools – acoustic piano, strings, and also a drum set.

Exactly How to Test a Piano VST in Automobile Sampler

For this instance, we ’ ll example the Yamaha Grand Piano pre-programmed in EX-SPOUSE24 The primary step is to recognize the various rate layers that comprise this online tool. In EX-SPOUSE24, that can be carried out in the Edit food selection.

In the screenshot listed below, you can see the rate varieties of this EX-SPOUSE24 tool on the right-hand man side– 0-51, 52-88, 89-107, 108-127 These are the 4 rate layers we ’ ll be utilizing for the vehicle tasting.

The screenshot listed below programs the vehicle tasting setups.

  • Array Beginning – C-2
  • Array End – B7
  • Example Every – 4 semitones
  • Round Robin – Off
  • Sustain – 20 secs (adequate time to record the lengthy tail)
  • Speed Layers – 4
  • Speed Reaction – Personalized (the layers we specified over)
  • Automobile Loophole – None
  • Automobile Loophole Beginning – N/A
  • Automobile Loophole End – N/A
  • Round – Off

For this online tool, I additionally showed up the input gain 4 dB to obtain a somewhat hotter signal without going across -10 dB.

Click the Example Switch when you have actually set up the appropriate setups. You ’ ll be motivated to call the EX-SPOUSE data, and also the vehicle tasting procedure will certainly start.

After the vehicle tasting is ended up, you ’ ll discover the tasted tool in EX-SPOUSE24 ’ s Automobile Experienced folder.

YamahaGrandPiano is our vehicle tasted tool.

Exactly How to Test a Strings VST in Automobile Sampler

Following, we ’ ll example the “String Ensemble” spot in MainStage ’ s Workshop Strings plugin. Below are the vehicle tasting setups.

  • Array Beginning – B0
  • Array End – B5
  • Example Every – 4 semitones
  • Round Robin – Off
  • Sustain – 6 secs
  • Speed Layers – 4
  • Speed Reaction – Log 1
  • Automobile Loophole – Penrose Maker
  • Automobile Loophole Beginning – 20%
  • Automobile Loophole End – 80%
  • Round – Off

To vehicle example strings, the Automobile Loophole function need to be made it possible for. From my experience, the Penrose Maker alternative offers the very best outcomes. The maintain time is additionally a lot less than the piano setups since we wear ’ t demand to record a lengthy degeneration. The tasting array was readied to B0-B5 since that was the seeming series of the online tool. Finally, I picked 4 rate layers and also Log 1 for the rate reaction since MainStage ’ s Workshop Strings plugin doesn ’ t define rate layers clearly.

Exactly How to Test a Drum Package VST in Automobile Sampler

Lastly, we ’ ll example the Brooklyn Package in MainStage ’ s Drum Package Developer plugin. Below are the vehicle tasting setups.

  • Array Beginning – E0
  • Array End – C# 6
  • Example Every – 1 semitone
  • Round Robin – Off
  • Sustain – 20 secs (adequate time to record the lengthy tail)
  • Speed Layers – 4
  • Speed Reaction – Log 1
  • Automobile Loophole – None
  • Automobile Loophole Beginning – N/A
  • Automobile Loophole End – N/A
  • Round – On

To vehicle example a drum set, the setups to focus on are Example Every and also Round. Test Every need to be evaluated “1 semitone” since drum set VSTs have distinct examples on each trick. The Round setup permits the example to play completely also if the note is launched.

I wish you discovered this tutorial on just how to vehicle example online tools with MainStage ’ s Automobile Sampler valuable. When vehicle tasting, one of the most crucial indicate remember are to make use of the right setups and also switch off all unneeded results plugins. If you have any type of concerns or remarks, do not hesitate to send me an e-mail or connect to me on Twitter.

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