How Clean Is Your House? viewers brand show ‘too extreme’ over coronavirus tips

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Is your house clean? The spectators were dumbfounded by the extreme measures taken by the special coronavirus.

Channel 4’s bosses have redesigned the series for a unique show to show people how to change the remediation regime in the event of a global pandemic.

Dr. Javid Abdelmoneym and Dr. Lisa Cross addressed the audience of the show and visited both houses to give them advice on how to stay safe during the confinement.

In one of the scenes Lisa said that people should keep the lids closed when flushing the toilet because the feces can go back into the air.

Which is perfectly fair.

Just a little note on how to close the toilet lid when flushing, she says. For example, it must prevent particles from escaping.

Coronavirus, just like your house is clean.

Dr. Lisa Cross explained why we all need to keep the toilet lid properly closed (Photo: Channel 4).

Because if we know that the coronavirus is only spread through the respiratory tract by coughing and sneezing…

At an earlier stage of the SARS outbreak, evidence of so-called faecal oral transmission was found.

She went on to say: Simply put, the little shit particles go back into the air and land in your mouth.

We’re not saying the virus has mutated to such an extent that it currently has this transmission path, but it can. And that’s just good practice.

I cleaned up like a real son of a bitch, but even that crown virus… Is your house clean? There seems to be too much dust in your house.

– Ep ⶪð (@secretking19) 9. April 2020.

However, those who watched the programme at home were somewhat surprised and thought that their suggestions were too many.

One of them said the lockdown was on Twitter: I cleaned up like a real bastard, but also that Crown virus. Is your house clean? Looks like it’s too clean to be in your house.

I thought I had a clean house, but I’m sure these people are doing well before #HowCleanIsYourHouse (sic), commented another.

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My God, it’s scary to clean your house all day, answered one of the followers.

While the Twitterer posted a message: Seriously, how much time do these people think we have in a day? # How to clean your house #

And many, many others have discovered that they want to be cleaned up as soon as possible.

Honestly, it’s the same thing.

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