From the White House to Buckingham Palace, the week’s 9 global fake news.


Réclamations : The OMS concluded that asymptomatic patients do not transmit Covid-19.

It’s a fact: Maria Van Kerhove, technical director of the Coronavirus Department of the World Health Organisation and head of the Emerging Diseases and Sonoses Department, said during a press briefing in Geneva on Monday ( 8 ) On the basis of the available data, it still seems rare that an asymptomatic person actually switches to a secondary person. According to this statement it is misinterpreted that asymptomatic patients do not transmit the new coronavirus and that it has started to circulate in social networks.

It’s true: Tuesday Van Kerhove said in a social network interview that I have rarely used this expression, and I think it’s a misunderstanding to claim that asymptomatic transmission is very rare worldwide. What I meant was a subset of the investigation.

I also referred to some data that has not been published. We know that some people who are asymptomatic or have no symptoms can transmit the virus. So we need to better understand how many people in the population are symptom-free and how many of these people are still being transferred to others individually, she concluded. During the same round of questions, Dr. Michael Ryan, director of the WHO emergency aid programme, also stated that he was absolutely convinced that there was asymptomatic transmission and the question was to what extent.


Claims: After the death of George Floyd, Lego stopped selling toys to the police and the White House.

It’s a fact: Brad Pascale, campaign manager for U.S. President Donald Trump, twittered that LEGO cleans toy kits at police stations, fire stations and ambulances.

Even with a White House adult kit.

It’s true: A LEGO spokesperson explained that a toy company has just stopped digital marketing in response to national protests against police violence and the death of George Floyd. According to Slopes, the spokesperson wrote that there is false information that we have put certain LEGO devices for sale.

To be clear, this is not the case, and these messages are wrong. Our intention was to temporarily suspend digital advertising in response to events in the United States. These boxes were available last week and will always be available for our fans. In light of the tragic events that have occurred in the United States over the past ten days, we have suspended the digital marketing of kits containing content that may be perceived as insensitive to advertising during that time.

We’ve seen misrepresentations that we’ve put LEGO devices up for sale. For the sake of clarity, this is not the case, and the messages are also wrong. Our intention was to temporarily suspend digital advertising in response to events in the United States. We hope this clarifies things. ♥️

– 3. Lego (@LEGO_Group) 4. Lego (@LEGO_Group) June 2020


Claims: The child died in a fire caused by an anti-fascist group in the US.

Fact: The 30th. In May, on the second day of protest against the murder of George Floyd by a police officer, a fire broke out in a building in Richmond.

After this episode, rumours began to circulate in social networks in Brazil. It was claimed that the fire was caused by an anti-fascist group and that a child was killed.

It’s true: Richmond police and firefighters gave different versions of events. Richmond Fire Department Lieutenant Christopher Armstrong said the protesters didn’t set fire to the house. According to him, the car fire spread around the house and only affected the outside of the building. On the other hand, Richmond Police Chief Will Smith said at a press conference that protesters intentionally set fire to the occupied building. However, both agree that no one died in the fire.


Claims: Martin Gugino is an anti-fascist who tried to destroy police equipment.

It’s a fact: During a protest action on the 4th. June in Buffalo, New York, Martin Gugino, 75, is hospitalized after being pushed by the police.

President Donald Trump tweeted on the 9th. June: The buffalo demonstrator pushed by the police could be an ANTIFA initiator. Martin Gugino, 75 years old, was pushed back after he turned up to scan police communications and turn off the devices. I saw him fall harder when he was pushed. Intended for the scanner. Maybe it’s a trap? It seems that this statement was first made in a widespread conservative blog post by 6. June’s been taken care of. The story was then broadcast by the conservative One America News Network (OANN), which quoted an article from the Conservative Treehouse (CTH) website as the source and eventually appeared in the president’s social media profile.

It’s true: Gugino has been an activist for decades and works with the People United for Sustainable Housing Buffalo and the West New York Peace Center.

None of these organisations can be considered convincingly as part of the so-called anti-fascist movement, which is not a real organisation but a decentralised movement bringing together large-scale anti-fascists. According to RNS, Tom Casey, local coordinator of the worldwide Catholic movement Pax Christie in Buffalo, said that Gugino was confident but still respectful. I’ve never heard him use malicious or annoying words to anyone, and I’ve spent a lot of time talking to him, he said. According to Gugino’s lawyer, Kelly Zarkone, none of the police departments offered anything else. Therefore, we do not understand why the U.S. President makes such sinister, dangerous and false accusations against him.

With regard to the statement that he tried to scan police communications to disable the devices, the reports show that Gugino approached the police lines while holding an apparent mobile phone.

Although some requests claim to be able to listen to the police, they do not allow anyone to interfere with or disable the police equipment. According to Adam Scott Wandt, associate professor of public order at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, the object in Gugino’s hand does not look like a radio-frequency silencer, and even if it did, there is no reason why it would be necessary to be near an officer to operate such an object. Moreover, the Buffalo police claim that its transmission channels are not encrypted and that there are websites that forward calls to the police.

A demonstrator in Buffalo pushed by the police could be an ANTIFA instigator. Martin Gugino, 75 years old, was pushed back after he turned up to scan police communications and turn off the devices. I saw him fall harder when he was pushed. Intended for the scanner. Maybe it’s a trap?

– Donald J. Trumpf (@realDonaldTrump) 9. June 2020.


Claims: A pregnant wild elephant in the Kerala forest was killed by two Muslim men.

It’s a fact: Last week Amar Prasad Reddy, advisor to the Kerala State Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, tweeted that two Muslims had been arrested after killing a pregnant elephant.

In some countries it has been reported that an elephant died after eating a pineapple loaded with explosives. One person was arrested today. There are other charges in this case and efforts are being made to arrest them, Forestry Minister Kerala K. Raju told reporters on Friday. The name of the arrested man is P. Wilson, who according to The NewsMinute works as a rubber-shooter. However, a few hours before the information was made public, tweets with two Muslim names and full of anti-Muslim hatred began to circulate on Twitter.

It’s true: On Thursday at 4:55 p.m., Amar Prasad Reddy twittered: Amzat Ali and Tamim Sheikh were arrested in the case of killing an elephant in Kerala. I demand that @CMOKerala – accountable to Prime Minister Narendra Maudie and his cabinet – conduct a transparent and ruthless investigation based on religion, caste or faith.

Twitter received more than 7.9K retweets and 12.1K likes. His statement led to several tweets against Muslims. On Thursday, the government and the state opposition condemned a hate campaign based on outrage at the death of an elephant.

Who’s the guy who twittered that fake message? He says he’s an AP for the Ministry of Health. And worst of all, I saw his stupid fake spread through the newsgroups. Since the Joint Venture asked us to wait until 11 a.m., we did. Deleting the tweet @amarprasadreddy?

– Dhanya Rajendran (@dhanyarajendran) 5. June 2020


Claims: President Magufuli has banned face masks in public places.

The facts: Several social media reports claim that the Tanzanian president said that wearing face masks would cause fear and anxiety among foreign guests.

In support of this statement, a tweet allegedly written by the President was used, as well as a press release dated and signed by his hometown of Chato.

It’s true: According to the BBC, the tweet was fake and the press release was fake. The BBC added that, according to a press release, President Magoufouli was in the Dodom at the time and not in the castle. Moreover, the President’s spokesperson urged the people not to pay attention to this statement. The Tanzanian government has called on its citizens to wear masks and maintain social distance.


Claims: Drivers are allowed to plough the demonstrators.

The facts: A screenshot of a message originally posted on the Quora Q&A site has been widely distributed on social networking sites: All this will be forwarded: If at any point the demonstrators start pounding on the windows, threatening you and trying to get into your car, you can at all costs step on the gas and break the team. The signatures underline that this practice will not be illegal.

It’s true: The screenshot shows the text of Quora that has been taken out of context after being cut. The whole text is more detailed and longer and starts with the fact that the driver has to drive at a very low speed to enable the demonstrators to clear the road. Moreover, as Reuters points out, this original article is false because the driver can be charged with murder if he deliberately walks over a demonstrator (or someone walking on the street). If such a scenario occurs, the driver must prove to the jury that he or she acted because there was another way to protect himself or herself from death or serious harm.

large britain

Claims: The royal coat of arms has disappeared from the gates of Buckingham Palace and strange activities are still taking place in Queen Elizabeth’s residence.

The facts: Several messages have been posted on social networks, and a video recording of the Royal Weapon at the gates of Buckingham Palace has disappeared.

The video’s been watched over half a million times, reports Reuters. In the video, the voice tells us that behind the doors of Queen Elizabeth’s residence other unusual actions took place, such as blocking the windows and replacing the royal guard with a Gurkhas.

It’s true: The weapon has not disappeared, it was damaged in October 2019 and is being restored, which has been confirmed by Reuters. In addition, a representative of the Palace stated that the windows were covered with a protective film to protect the interior of the building from UV damage during the reservation work. A spokesman also told Reuters that the security of royal residences is routine for soldiers from other units.


Claims: Zohra Shah, an 8-year-old child murdered in Pakistan, is a child in the photos exchanged on social networks.

It’s a fact: Last week an eight-year-old girl was killed by her employers because she had let parrots out of her cage.

The case was posted on social networks, and several photos and illustrations related to the story were distributed together with the court applications. However, these images are false.

It’s true: One of the photographs often used to depict Zohra Shah is actually Bramsh Baloch, who was killed in a fire on 26 March. May 2020 in Pakistan. The image is easily found on Twitter with the hashtag #JusticeForBramsh, according to the Italian site

In addition to the photographs, an illustration of a young girl with her eyes closed and locked in a birdcage was placed on social networks. However, he does not represent Zohra. This picture was taken by Eliza MacDonald, who took it on the 27th. March with the following description published on his Facebook page Place every day an image from the past during the blockade of Kovid-19 in South Africa

Day one: The girl in the gilded cage Careful.

Golpean hasta matarla a Zohra Shah, and nowhere solo 8 años de edad, por liberar a dos periquitos encerrados en una jaula. Maravillo Hessenada said that the Trabajab family is the dominant Pakistani state and that injustice is not so bad, but it is not.

– InformAdorVeraz (@InformAdorVeraz) 8. June 2020.blasting news uk,blasting news india,blasting news freelance journalist,fake satirical news,blasting news us,blasting news jobs,blasting news london office,blasting news france

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