Erica Mena Shows Off Her Grocery Shopping Outfit And Fans Are Drooling Over Her Curves

Erica Mena shows off an outfit she just threw at the grocery store and fans can’t get enough of her breathtaking curves. People can’t even believe she gave birth not so long ago.

Look at the picture the Safaris woman showed on her GI account. It seems that the regular activities she and Safari do at home are really paying off.

Get dressed to buy the right products: @fashionnova, Erica has included her contribution.

Someone said: I’m really glad for you that you found real happiness… a lot of love, and someone else said you look like a Suu Bomba! !! It gave me a lot of confidence.

One of the followers posted this: This is what the body of a mother without makeup looks like… looks great, and someone else said: I love how you always ruin a few paragraphs! !! Even when you were wearing it. It’s just beautiful.

The fan’s been posted: Encourage all women who can wear these thin pencil buttons. The devotee loved the way Erica showed her body after she got pregnant: I love that you show what it really looks like after birth, and the backhand is unrealistic! Your body’s shaped like a bomb, Erica!!! # [e-mail is safe] _ me. #

Someone else said: The weight of a pregnant woman looks good on you… you could say that not all exercises require surgery. I love you… Big Fat Fat… I know the man can’t get enough… You’re welcome.

said another supporter: So in Spanish! She looks good.

Erica also shared some photos in her social media account to show off the new mask she got, but the fans can’t concentrate. You need to download the photos she shared on the GI and you’ll understand why.


Erica also spends time at home these days with Safari and her little girl. Fans can’t wait to hear the child’s name and see more.


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