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Little Miss Sunshine Jacqueline Fernandez Bollywood is always shiny, whether you’re sweating in the gym or getting ready for dance numbers, riding in the morning or just pulling your hair with friends and fellow actors. It seems that if you were lucky to have an Instagram account, it would be very similar to Jacqueline’s. But is this instinctive life, this joie de vivre, really? Can a girl who lives alone so far from her family and works so hard live in a bubble of happiness forever? I’ve always wondered that.

It’s not like I’m happy all the time. I’m always at peace with myself.

So when a passionate actor in a casual white three-piece tracksuit greets me with his characteristic smile and inflatable dick, I can’t help but ask: Are you really that happy? That’s not exactly the question you expect in an interview…

The spirit of bliss

She’s laughing out loud. We are so obsessed with the idea of happiness, but I think the most important thing is peace of mind. Every man has his own fight. Whether you’re Shah Rukh Khan or Dhobi, you can’t be happy forever! She says.

Ironically, one of the main triggers of Jacqueline’s depression was the pressure to be happy! Rita Vinieri’s coat and trousers; trousers, For Love & Lemons; stolen Falguni & Shane peacock; shoes, Congtri
Rohan Shrestha

I think my biggest challenge has been to keep a cool head in an industry that constantly pushes and pushes and at the same time keeps it real. There are many celebrities who use the mask to communicate with the media, but I don’t want a smile. That’s why I feel good enough to be in a good mood when I’m in front of the media or communicating with my fans, she adds, pointing out the dangers of celebrities’ lives constantly under the media microscope.

When you’re sad, you get a lot of attention, and who doesn’t like that!

However, the actress is confused because people think she lives in a kind of bubble of happiness. I don’t understand the media’s obsession with asking me this question: How can I stay happy all the time, especially if I’m not happy! She adds that not only happiness is important, but also peace of mind and acceptance of reality.

It’s not like I’m happy all the time. I’m always at peace with myself. I am always aware that life cannot be a constant state of happiness and that even bad days cannot last forever. The battle is not to be happy all the time. People who are constantly chasing after happiness are honestly going crazy. It’s impossible to be happy all the time. But yes, there are tricks to help you get in shape, Jacqueline.

Dark side happy

She points out that it’s impossible to be happy, no matter how hard you try, and Bollywood Funny Girl says she had a severe depression a few years ago. It often goes wrong, Jacqueline says. Sometimes you cry for no reason. Sometimes you don’t want to get out of bed. They’re horny and can’t get out. It’s only after this ordeal that you realize you’re really depressed. Nothing prepares you for this.

My biggest challenge was to keep a cool head in an industry that pushes you hard!

Fortunately, she did a self-diagnosis in time and reacted to the problem. I let everyday things come to me, things that didn’t bother me before. What slowly depressed me was that I started taking myself and what was happening around me too seriously. I heard or read something humiliating about me and I discussed it with ten different people and it became a vicious circle. I would turn even the most mundane things that happen in the industry into big problems and concentrate on them, she said.


Jacqueline says you only understand depression when you’re experiencing it. Corset, Dolce & Gabbana; I AM GIA pants; Fendi jacket; Chanel necklace; Prada shoes; Mischo (Rohan Shrestha) shoe jewellery.

It was very easy for me to stay in this state. When you’re sad, you get a lot of attention, and who doesn’t like that! Then finish it by watching movies and listening to sad songs. Then you start snacking. Chocolate will be your favorite food… …and so on and so forth. Deep inside you know you have to get out, but it seems too much trouble, so you feel pretty comfortable in your grief. But to be honest, it has helped me a lot to be obsessed with my work and what I want to achieve in my life. So one day I thought, wait a minute, this is really unproductive. That saved me. But it’s really scary how tempting it is to stay in this situation. It takes a lot of effort to get out of this phase.

Fitness is not a specific size. We’re talking about things that make you feel better. When I have an hour off, I go to a meditation session instead of to the gym.

Ironically, one of the main triggers of his depression was the pressure to be happy! The media has asked me over and over again: How can I stay so happy? Or what’s the source of your happiness? Sometimes I really want to rebel against this lucky label given to me by people who had no idea what was going on in my life!

The truth is that as an actor you live your dream, but at the cost of great stress. Moreover, Jacqueline lives alone abroad. You really can’t see the whole picture. You have no idea what it’s like to be angry at the media, or to read unpleasant comments about you every day, or to have a very bad day at work when you take a bad hit and start doubting everything you do as an actor, or when the project you’re talking about goes to another actor, or when a partner or close friend betrays you. And also. I have to manage my house, and although I have staff, I have to supervise everything. Just because I’m an actor doesn’t mean internal affairs are magically resolved!

Inner world

It seems that Master Shifu was right from the beginning, and the answer to all existential questions can be found in two discrete words from the inner world.

Jacqueline’s been meditating for a year. Jacket, Fendi; blazer and trousers, Deme; blouse, Akira; shoes, Nike; earrings, Misho
Rohan Shrestha

Since last year, the actor has been practicing meditation in an attempt to preserve inner peace. I’ve come to my senses. Meditation has helped me to better understand my feelings and to act with a degree of distance and objectivity.

There are many celebrities who use the mask to communicate with the media, but I don’t want a smile.

Over the years I have learned that fitness is not a specific measure. Today I pay much more attention to meditation, breathing and inner peace. I focus more on the things that calm me down, sometimes on yoga, sometimes on dance, sometimes on breathing exercises. My fitness program will always be there. But when I have an hour off, I go to a meditation session instead of to the gym, the actor said.

After a busy decade of realizing her Bollywood dreams, including working on Masalata films like Kick, Judwaa 2 and Baaghi 2, and working for big companies like Race and Houseful, Jacqueline takes a step back and enters a new decade.

New plate rotation

The last decade was unbelievable, but I almost lived out of a suitcase. I worked on commercials, sheet music, world tours, dance premieres, weddings, music videos, and then there was support. I loved every drop. But you can’t maintain this lifestyle for too long, you’re deprived of sleep, your diet isn’t renewed, which ultimately affects your health and overall fitness. So when I start a new decade, I’ll start a new approach. I want to take things one day at a time. I want to stay calm. I want to choose the projects I do, she says.

Jacqueline Fernandez wishes a HTBrunch while her favorite magazine celebrates her 16th birthday on Indian Sunday!

And as the film industry becomes more and more content-based and OTT platforms offer more and more opportunities for actors, time is running out. The best thing is that people see craftsmanship more than their physical nature. Showing a beautiful face and a little skin doesn’t make you a superstar, she says. The fans have also become more readable. This pushes us up the company ladder. I have to sit down with the script, do some research, figure out how to do it justice and prepare myself well for the role of the character, says the actor.

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