Carrie Fisher Tells Hilarious Story To Be Recognized as Princess Leia While early game-by-game predictions for the Las Vegas Raiders in the 2020 season


There are many different stories taking place during the 2020 season, but perhaps the most important is the story of the Las Vegas Raiders playing their first year in Sin City. It’s like a wild card that can become a problem in the playoffs, or it can go up to 6:10, and neither result would be so surprising.

How many races will the Raiders win? Let’s interrupt every Raiders game and predict victory or loss for John Gruden’s team.

week 1 in the Caroline Panthers

The Las Vegas Raiders start their season with a tough battle on the road with the Caroline Panthers. Teddy Bridgewater is at the heart of the Panthers, and the fans will be happy with their new team. The looters will make a fight of it, but they won’t. LOSS

Week 2 against the New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints are a difficult game, but Drew Bree is the other quarterback on the street. Fans of the Las Vegas Raiders will be ready to welcome their new team and there is no way they will let them down. The Raiders will not only win this game, but by at least 10 points. WIN

Week 3 in New England Patriots

Coming to Foxborough has not normally been easy, but the quarterback position of the New England Patriots will leave them in the lurch throughout the season. Derek Carr will play one of his best games of the season. The Raiders’ defense will also have two or three interceptors. WIN

Week 4 against the buffalo counts

After such an emotional victory over the Patriots, the Raiders start flying high, but everything goes apart. Whatever the thieves’ defense against the patriots, they will fight Josh Allen. The Raiders are taken with foresight, which the game will cost them. LOSS

Fifth week in Kansas City, heads

Playing at Arrowhead Stadium is difficult and the Raiders’ defense will have no answer for Patrick Mahomez. Carr will play a good game for the Raiders, but it won’t be enough. The two teams unite for at least 60 points, but in this game the boss wins. LOSS

Week 6 Previously

The farewell week comes at the right time to clear your head after a series of setbacks. It also gives them an extra week to prepare for Tom Brady and the buccaneers of Tampa Bay.

Week 7 against Tampa Bay Bookrunners

Another week the Raiders will probably not defeat the Pirates, but from the start week of this game there will be a difference. It’s going to be a tough fight to the end, but the Raiders will leave with a victory. WIN

week 8 at Cleveland Brownes

One of the most difficult games in this program is the fight against Cleveland Brown. The Browns, like the Raiders, seem to be a wild crew. Is Baker Mayfield going any further this off-season? The Browns will have a better start, and the Brown fans will be noisy. Carr’s gonna set up a late intercept worthy of the Raiders. LOSS

week 9 in Los AngelesChargers

After a slow start to the season, the Los Angeles Chargers will make one or two quarter-final changes. Justin Herbert will fight in the Chargers Center Herbert for the Gruden defense. It will be one of the most impressive victories of the season. WIN

week 10 against the Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos will be a problem west of the AFC after the Raiders won a week before missing the game. For the second time this season, with a view to the future, the bosses get a taste of the game of the Raiders. LOSS

week 11 against Kansas City

Raiders will be caught proactively in this game, and although it will take them 10 weeks, they will find a way in this game. The defense of Las Vegas should slow down Patrick Mahomez and win. WIN

week 12 with the Atlanta falcons

After such a big victory, the Raiders’ defense will leave them in a difficult position against Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons. Carr’s gonna do some research to make things worse. LOSS

week 13 to New York Jets

What will Sam Darnold and the New York Jets look like in week 13? Darnold’s gonna have a great year, and playing New York is gonna be tough again. The looters will also have suffered a number of significant injuries in recent weeks. That would be a loss. PLUS

week 14 against the Colts Indianapolis

For the Raiders it will be a mandatory victory against the Colts and the team will be a step forward. The Raiders’ defense will stop the race and have some of Phillips’ men intercepted. WIN

week 15 against Los AngelesChargers

There’ll be too many robbers for Herbert, and they’ll warn him early. It’s gonna be an ugly game where Carr also fights, but the Raiders will still win. WIN

week 16 against the Miami dolphins

As soon as a herd of hunters can get under Herbert’s skin, it no longer works for Tua Tagovayloa. Former Alabama star Krimson Tide is going to make a great game and bring down the Raiders. LOSS

week 17 in the Denver Broncos

Derek Carr will fight in a blizzard to end the season in Denver. Even if there is no snow, the cold will have a big influence on his game. LOSS

Jets, Logan Ryan.

Final report: 7-9

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