Carole Baskin wanted to be in the music video of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, they said no thanks.

Tiger King star Carol Baskins tried to get into Justin Bieber’s new video, but was rejected. Bieber and Ariana Grande worked together on a new song called Stuck With U and asked the fans to send in clips they had made themselves for inclusion in the video. The clip premieres tonight, but the video that Baskin sent is not included, although Bieber tweeted it this morning.

That’s tonight. #stuckwithu. He’s not going anywhere,

– Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) 7. May 2020.

Carol Baskin and her currently living husband sent the video to Justin Bieber and Arianna Grande. The frame shows a pair of tiger kings dancing to Stuck With U, with animal prints and tiger hats on. In other images they are dancing with their cat, and it seems as strange as you can imagine in your head right now. According to Baskin, Bieber’s friends contacted her to send her the video. It is unclear why Bieber and Grande decided not to use these images.

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After all, Carol Baskin isn’t too worried about all this and is happy that Justin Bieber shared the video on his Twitter account. She just hopes it won’t attract too many critics who have beaten us since they were led astray by the Tiger King. At the time of writing this article, the film has been watched more than 680.8 thousand times and has generated quite a few comments. Even Ariana Grande decided to appear on the video published by Bieber. For your information: I did not approve or endorse this clip in the live video. But, uh… Still. It exists, and that… …unique.

Uniqueness is a way of describing Carol Baskin’s music video. We can see why Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande decided not to release the Baskin video. On the one hand, Tiger King is always massive, even in Basque, and can draw a lot of unwanted attention to pop stars, especially those who support animal rights. Although Baskin claims to keep the tigers safe, she locks them in cages, just like her former rival Joe Exotic. Secondly, many people have the impression that Baskin fed his ex-husband tigers, although this has never been proven.

2020 has been a wild year so far, and Carol Baskin is certainly a big part of pop culture. Tiger King landed on Netflix at the right time and became a worldwide sensation. Even Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande can’t keep up, and they know it. Baskin is a force of nature, and the thought of her and her husband in tiger clothes dancing to the new beaver family is exactly what is at stake for this timeline in which we now live. You’ll have to wait until the evening to see the full clip, but thanks to Justin Bieber’s Twitter account, you can watch Carol Baskin’s video provided above.

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