Al Horford reacts to classic Stephen Curry halfcourt dagger


NBA players and fans have been looking for ways to pass the time since the season break. It should be noted that one of the most popular activities is visiting tourist places. The competition fulfilled its mission by offering a free pass for fans to watch their favorite games. They are also active in social networks and offer their followers regular reviews on cults. The competition’s Twitter account included a special video by State Golden Warriors superstar Stephen Curry, which caught the attention of the 76th member of the competition. Al Horford Center in Philadelphia.

One of the hardest hits in the world!

– Al Horford (@Al_Horford) 21. March 2020.

It was probably one of the most iconic pieces of curry. The video shows the Superstars Warriors pulling up a 38-foot bucket in February 2016 to take on Thunder of Oklahoma City. As impressive as it is in itself, this piece is only part of the plot.

In the end, it was the 12th. Kerry, 3 points winner, who at that time tied Kobe Bryant and Donell Marshall for most of the three points in the game. Then the Golden State won the race, improved it to 53-5 and ended it with an all-time record of 73-9. The next season Durant signed a contract with the Dubs and formed a dynasty from which two NBA championships emerged.

The 2019-20 season was unfortunately more difficult for the Warriors with the ACL injury of Clay Thompson and the retirement of Kevin Durant. Curry, who had a broken arm in four games of the season, aggravated the team’s problems further and became the record holder in the worst league. Your Casting Player plays the fifth game of the season against the Raptors, resulting in an unprecedented disqualification.

No one knows how the league will manage the rest of the schedule, but a long unplanned interruption will certainly affect the result of this regular season.

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