A roundup of disinformation, from a blackout in DC to wild animals in riots

Washington, D.C., has experienced no loss of communication with thesuspension.

Accusations: The first one. In June 2020, D.C. authorities banned demonstrators from using their smartphones to communicate with each other by turning off the internet and mobile communications during the shutdown.

The facts: In the early morning of the first. In June 2020, thousands of tweets using the hashtag #DCBlackout indicated that communications in Washington were being blocked in order to curb the protests. DC decoupling mystification has become a global trend with more than 500,000 tweets distributed by Facebook, Reddit and Instagram.

It’s true: According to the BBC, after this hoax, Twitter blocked hundreds of spam accounts that used the hashtag, citing manipulation of the company’s platform and spam policy. Moreover, as NetBlocks.org shows, there is no evidence of massive Internet outages at night or in the last 48 hours. Many journalists and organisations, such as Black Lives Matter DC, said that their audiences were being manipulated and that they were not affected by communication failures.

So far, no information has come from Washington. No feeds, messages, photos or videos. All streams flowed at the same time.
They’re gonna start killing and try to cover it up with silencers.
Pick up the pace to sign the word #dcprotest #dcblackout #GeorgeFloyd Washington Monument.

– Super Marsi (@MarcieInSpace) 1. June 2020.

The police did not destroy their own car to accuse thedemonstrators.

Claims: The Boston police destroyed his own car to blame the demonstrators for the violence.

Fact: On the night of the 30th. May 2020 Boston was filmed when it broke the windshield of a police car.

Demonstrators filmed her and pointed at her, accusing her of destroying her own car. Boston police officers caught in the video in a car accident accusing protesters is the headline above the video.

It’s true: A video released later showed that the video had been taken out of context. The new video shows a police car being attacked by demonstrators jumping on it.

Then they shoot at the policemen who are trying to grab the broken windscreen to escape. The first video was recorded when the police tried to disappear and recorded the damage the demonstrators had done to their vehicle.

MSNBC did not use false images to defeat the riots in Philadelphia

Claims: MSNBC used footage from a zombie film to tell a story about the protests in Philadelphia on Monday 1. June, for inspiration.

Fact: American cable television MSNBC has been accused of using a Star Wars zombie film to describe the violent situation in Philadelphia.

On Twitter, many users claimed that television used these fake images to push the story. The installation was tweeted to prove this claim. It illustrates the alleged deception with a screenshot of a zombie film and a screenshot of a radio station.

It’s true: Monday the 1st. In July, Twitter user Bad Scotter shared this collage for the first time. However, there is one detail that Internet users have overlooked: In the right corner you see the signature of a man, which is marked as not real. Bad Scooter tweeted to apologize and said… Well, the situation got worse fast. Yes, this MSNBC video is from World War II, I even marked the NOT REAL video above the MSNBC logo. I have grossly underestimated Twitter, many have pointed it out, some have claimed it was real – that’s stupid of me. The American television company did not try to underline the history of the demonstrations in Philadelphia with images from a zombie film.

Well, the situation got worse fast. YES, the MSNBC video is from World War II Z, I even noticed that the video above the MSNBC logo is NOT real.
I grossly underestimated Twitter, many pointed it out, some claimed it was real – stupid of me.
My apologies #Philly #WorldWarZ pic.twitter.com/8O52I5iEmn

– Bad Scooters (@OfficialSlop) 1. June 2020.

George Floyd’s killer wasn’t seen wearing aMake White Great Again hat.

Claims: The man in the picture is wearing a red baseball cap with the inscription Make white great again – Derek Chauven, a policeman from Minneapolis accused of the murder of George Floyd.

The facts: The 27th. In May, the collage was widely disseminated on social networks, including by Bishop Talbert Swann’s official Twitter bill, who said Derek Chauven here is the racist policeman who held George Floyd’s knee around his neck, cut off his airway and killed him while wearing a hat. Make the white one big again, a clear sign that this piece of excrement should have been taken off the street a long time ago.

It’s true: According to Snope’s research, this collage by Derek Showin and the man in the cap by Make White great is fake again. The man in the hat is actually Jonathan Lee Rich, an asset who has been in prison and has a solid reputation for dragging people online. According to the AP, Rish confirmed that he is the man in the photo, but said the photo was edited and that he was wearing another big hat from Make America.

This is Derek Chauven, the racist cop who held #GeorgeFloyd’s knee around his neck, cut his hallway and killed him, wearing a Make white great remake hat, a clear sign that this piece of excrement should have disappeared from the street a long time ago. #JusticeForFloyd pic.twitter.com/KxGxHAIzlH

– Bishop Talbert Swan (@TalbertSwan) 27 May 2020

Zoo animals did not escape during the demonstrations of George Floyd

Claims: During George Floyd’s protests wild animals escaped from local zoos.

The facts: The first social media report was that a tiger had escaped from a zoo in Oakland, California. Even the Alameda County Sheriff’s official Twitter account warned residents about the tiger roaming freely near Auckland Zoo. Another similar claim concerns a hippopotamus that escaped from the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. According to these rumors, a third giraffe was spotted on its way to Minnesota.

It’s true: All these claims have been proven. Later, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Twitter account rejected the first message and reported that the Oakland Zoo had checked and confirmed that none of his tigers had escaped. The statue of a hippopotamus is actually a statue of a hippopotamus fleeing an itinerant circus in Spain in 2016, reports Snopez.

Finally, the mail from the giraffe contained a photo and a screenshot of the video, which Snowope said had also been on the internet since at least 2013.

Reports of a tiger roaming freely near Oakland Zoo. If you see him, call 911. 98th Avenue at Golf Links.

– Alameda County Sheriff (@ACSOS Sheriffs) 1. June 2020.

Trump didn’t tweet that Floyd’s family was honored to hearfrom him.

Claims: A tweet from Donald Trump said it was an honour for George Floyd’s family to hear that.

The facts: Facebook users posted a photo of a tweet that would have been posted on the 29th. May was sent from Trump’s official account: I spoke to George Floyd’s family. The voices said they were honored to hear me. I told them I don’t want another black man dying from knee to neck.

That sounded painful. There are better ways to die. It can’t be good, but it was very bad.

It’s true: According to Reuters’ Fact Check, Twitter is not legitimate and is not on the Trump 29 timescale. May, as well as on Twitter looking for messages with this wording. Politwoops, a project that records all tweets that were removed from politicians, said the tweet wasn’t removed from the Trump site either.

George Soros has not funded social media epidemics or paid people to become professional anarchists in the past week

Claims: The George Soros Foundation and Thurston County Democrats hire professional anarchists and pay $200 each for direct action.

It’s a fact: The image of a $200 pamphlet for the recruitment of professional anarchists was posted on social networks.

It includes a photograph of Banksy’s famous work, the Open Society Foundations logo, text from the George Soros Foundation and contacts with Thurston County Democrats who have settled in Washington State. The brochure states that each applicant will receive 200 dollars for a direct action. However, this brochure and this statement are incorrect.

It’s true: The flyer about the pictures says that: Getting paid… A professional anarchist! Get up to $200/direct action! Remember this: Direct promotion is the merchandise. Contact your local branch of the Open Society Foundation… Thurston County Democrat leader Viktor Minyares rejected all claims and wrote in capital letters in a Facebook post: …THESE PHOTOS WERE FORGED TO DISCREDIT THE DEMOCRATS.

The Open Society Foundations also gave their opinion on Twitter: We don’t pay protesters. Just like our founder, George Soros.

I am the mayor of Jenny Durkin SeattIe I ask you to explain this flyer published by the Thurston County Democrats organization ANARCHISTS paid offers, a ring of numbers in the Treasury Department. I found them in other states, too. Why do you need professional anarchists? Cheating! @FBI @TheJusticeDept @DHS pic.twitter.com/kECFzj6xDg

– 2. Higher education (@Brendaaloiau) June 2020

Antifah did not lead the riots over Floyd’s death

Claims: The theory that anti-fascist activists are leading the riots associated with the murder of George Floyd has spread through social media in recent days and, according to the New York Times, has gathered more than 1.3 million supporters and actions.

It’s a fact: Sunday the 31st. In May, US President Donald Trump tweeted that ANTIFA, led by anarchists and radical left-wingers, was involved in the riots. The next day, conservative commentator Dan Bongino said in a TV show, Lisa and her friends, that the anti-fascist was responsible for a smart attack on the White House and called it an uprising.

It’s true: There’s no evidence of an anti-Fa speech. Also in social networks, this theory is often associated with a false handbook, giving the orders for riots allegedly issued by the democrats leading the anti-fascist militants. However, it was already marked as a forgery during the 2015 riots when it first appeared in connection with the death of Freddy Gray in Baltimore.


George Floyd’s death was not staged, and Derek Shawwin is not an actor in.

Claims: Rumours are circulating in social networks about the staged death of George Floyd. The video says that Floyd was never murdered and that Derek Chauwin, a Minnesota policeman accused of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in Floyd’s death, was an actor.

It’s a fact: Friday the 29th. In May, the YouTube conspiracy channel JonXArmy posted a video claiming the death of George Floyd. The video was posted almost 100 times on Facebook and reached 1.3 million people. On Twitter, users have tweeted hundreds of times in the past week, claiming that George Floyd is not dead.

It’s true: Jerodge Floyd was killed on the 25th. May 2020 killed by the police.

Derek Chauven, the officer in Floyd’s lap, was released and charged with murder in the third degree and manslaughter in the second degree. Three other officials were indicted as accomplices to second-degree murder. YouTube has removed a video posted by JonXArmy stating their hate policy.

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