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Kawasaki’s entrance version JetSki has had its very first significant overhaul because the STX-15 F took place sale in 2004– and also we have actually lastly ridden it. It’s currently called the STX 160 and also in the North American market, is available in 3 version qualities: STX 160, STX 160 X and also STX 160 LX.

In Australia, where this version was evaluated, it is available in 2 version qualities: the STX 160 X revealed below and also the front runner STX 160 LX, which gets a lot more obvious tiered seats and also Kawasaki’s Jetsound stereo. Rates in the United States begins with $9,599 (STX 160), $9,999 (STX 160 X) and also $11,699 (STX 160 LX), not consisting of trailer, enrollment and also tax obligations. Rates in Australia begins with $14,999 (STX160 X), which is $2,000 greater than the STX-15 F it changes, and also $16,799 (STX 160 LX) consisting of tax obligation however not consisting of trailer and also enrollment.

Over: New angles and also sharp folds change the smooth lines of the outward bound STX-15 F. While the leading deck is totally brand-new, offering boosted storage space, enhanced comfort designs and also brand-new operating attributes– almost whatever listed below the bondline continues to be unmodified because2004


Yet very first points initially: For those that were asking yourself, the Kawasaki’s 1.5-litre naturally-aspirated four-cylinder engine, hull, trip plate, consumption grate, and also sponsons continue to be unmodified from the STX-15 F; nonetheless the leading deck of the STX 160 is totally brand-new for included convenience and also comfort and also is a huge renovation over its precursor. It currently has a somewhat taller riding setting with even more knee space and also larger, tapered handlebars for an even more all-natural seats position.

The redesign has actually provided the Kawasaki a huge rise in freight room too, from 23.5- gallons (89 litres) to an overall of 35.3- gallons (134 litres)– consisting of 30- gallons (114 litres) in the nose, 4.5-gallons (167 litres) under the rear seats (although without a safe and secure cover, based on Yamaha), a half-gallon (2.3 litre) damp storage space location near the back deck, and also a slim water resistant 1.4-litre storage space pocket near the centre console that can store a phone and also is readily available with an optional USB battery charger.

Over left: Kawasaki eliminated the gas strut maintaining the hood open, and also selected an unsprung securing arm comparable to the VX Collection Yamahas. Over right: The underseat storage space underneath the back traveler is big and also also has an arm to maintain the brand-new pivoted back seat from dropping while accessing the area.

Over: The revamped handwear cover box transfers the ability for 2 canteen to onward of the handlebars, selecting to minimize package itself and also top it with a hinged cover to maintain water from harmful cellular phone or little activity cams.

The under-seat storage space location does not have a cover on it (based on the Yamaha WaveRunners) however the seat maintains the majority of the water out. And also, when the seat is off, it’s much easier to obtain your hands right into the Kawasaki’s storage space pocket versus the Yamaha which needs you to string your hand with a rounded opening, restricting the dimension of what you can save therein.

There is a brand-new, bigger electronic dashboard display screen with a gas scale meter, real-time gas intake, and also a clock. Flexible cruise ship control and also a “no wake” setting (which caps rate at 5mph 0r 8kmh, and also is an usual attribute ahead rate Yamaha and also Sea-Doo designs) are currently component of the bundle for the very first time on Kawasaki’s entrance version. The STX 160 likewise has a brand-new, much shorter and also lighter throttle bar.

Over: Frustrating to some was the expose that Kawasaki has yet to sign up with Sea-Doo and also Yamaha in the 21 st century with handlebar-mounted brakes, choosing rather to transfer the reverse bar from the right-hand man side of the deck to the left.

Over left: The STX 160 X shares the exact same hull, trip plate, consumption grate and also 148 mm jet pump as the previous STX-15 F. Above right: Some will certainly observe that the common STX 160 X guiding neck is extremely comparable to that of the 310 R.

Nonetheless, regardless of the redesign, opposite is still triggered by a huge take care of on the facility console, as opposed to a bar on the left handlebar based on Sea-Doo and also Yamaha. Kawasaki has actually relocate to the left side of the craft and also, similar to the Ultra system, it brings up similar to a handbrake in an auto.

Sadly, Kawasaki does not appear to be quickly to move the reverse bar to the left handlebar– and also provided the lengthy lifecycle of these craft Kawasaki followers might be waiting a long period of time. Having actually delighted in the reduced rate ability to move of Sea-Doo and also Yamaha craft with onward and also turn around bars on the handlebars, it’s simple to really feel that Kawasaki proprietors are losing out on a hassle-free attribute, which is specifically useful when aligning to ride onto a trailer, or bring up to a dock.

Over: Fore of the non-adjustable handlebars is a revamped LCD display analysis off the vitals. An “eco” symbol flashes on the display when the JetSki is run within the criteria for perfect gas economic situation.

Various other renovations consist of the gas filler cap being transferred from the nose of the craft where it was revealed to water, currently nicely hidden and also accumulated high beneath the hood cover. Gas container ability has actually boosted from 16.2- gallons (62 litres) to 20.6- gallons (78 litres), offering the STX 160 the exact same dimension container as the front runner high efficiency Kawasaki 310 Ultra– the greatest container amongst its competitors and also among the lengthiest driving arrays in between refills in the market.

To actually obtain one of the most out of the gas container, an “eco” sign is presented in the dashboard when you’re riding with an ideal throttle setting and also rate. The engine itself is rollovered from previously. It coincides non-supercharged four-stroke engine (106:1 compression proportion, 83 mm x 69.2 mm birthed and also stroke) that is likewise made use of as the basis for the supercharged Ultra 310 designs.

Over: The singular modification made to the 1.5 L 4-stroke powerplant is the unification of Kawasaki’s fly-by-wire engine administration system (KTRC), the same to that made use of by the 310- horse power Ultras.

But Also For 2020, the 1,498 cc four-cylinder currently runs through a modern-day fly-by-wire throttle control system, allowing making use of the previously mentioned cruise ship control, no wake, and also eco features. It has the exact same results as previously (160 hp and also 152 Nm at 7500 rpm) nonetheless it continues to be among one of the most effective engines in this cost array.

For those that intend to relieve their method right into it, similar to the previous version the STX 160 is readily available with a SLO trick (slow-moving knowing procedure setting) which restricts the engine to 5,800 rpm, cutting concerning 30 percent off its peak efficiency. The brand-new Kawasaki’s visual weight– implying filled with gas and also oil– has actually boosted from 844- extra pounds (383 kg) for the previous the STX-15 F to 877- extra pounds (398 kg) for the brand-new STX 160.

Over left: One of the most famous modification to the STX is the totally revamped– and also broadened– back swim deck. The deck is reduced, larger and also reveals a slim folding swimstep that embeds perfectly right into the back bondrail. Over right: The rearward grab take care of likewise has a reduced take care of perfect for reboarding.

Over: Lots of will certainly keep in mind that this Australian STX 160 X remains in Kawasaki Environment-friendly and also Ebony Black, when all STX 160 X designs marketed in The United States and Canada are provided in Ebony and also Undercurrent Blue-green. The coloring is the only distinction in between the residential and also worldwide designs.

There is no handlebar change and also no trim change on this craft (the like the STX-15 F) however it’s still simple to discover a comfy riding setting. The tools are simple and also simple to utilize, and also the additional storage room– consisting of a tiny water resistant area for a phone, budget or cars and truck secrets– is a huge and also.

Just like a lot of boat (specifically in this cost array) the speedometer makes use of a paddle wheel on the trip plate (as opposed to GPS the on top-end Sea-Doos, a paddle wheel on particular Yamahas, or RPM on the most up to date Yamaha FX collection, which remains in the following course up). So the speedo is not 100 percent exact (similar to all boat with paddle wheels) however it suffices to maintain you out of difficulty in slow-moving rate areas. Cruise ship control and also a no-wake setting likewise aid you remain legally.

The 1.5-litre engine, likewise unmodified, is smooth and also receptive and also, we presume, affordable. We really did not obtain a possibility to run it vacant, however that would certainly have taken a respectable quantity of time since the container has 20- plus-gallons (78- litres) of ability. Many competitors have 15- and-a-half or 18- gallon (60 or 70 litres) containers (or much less) in this cost array.

On the water, it’s simple to see why Kawasaki hasn’t transformed the hull style, consisting of exactly how it’s made: hand-laid fiberglass and also gel layer in an age of a little much less sturdy light-weight products. If it ain’t damaged, do not repair it, we claim. Dimensionally, the brand-new STX 160 X isn’t as well away from the outward bound 15 F; both designs share the same sizes (465.- inches), however the brand-new 160 X currently gets to 124.1- inches in size, approximately one-and-a-half inches much longer than the 15 F’s 122.8. It’s likewise substantially taller, amounting to 45.4- inches contrasted to the previous 41.3- inches elevation.

The Kawasaki STX 160 X is an exceptionally enjoyable and also simple craft to ride. It’s both instinctive for first-timers however has the action and also dexterity for knowledgeable bikers to actually toss the important things around. It is among one of the most remarkable hulls in this cost array, which most likely describes why Kawasaki really did not touch it. That likewise suggests that the brand-new STX still comes to a head at a little over 60 miles per hour, specifically provided the included weight.

Gratefully, it still punctures tool cut easily. As well as although Kawasaki has actually elevated the seating setting, it still seems like you rest rather reduced and also near to the water line. We presume this is why it transforms so conveniently and also precisely, as it has a great deal of hull in the water and also the center of mass really feels less than a lot of various other boat. On the whole, we had a blast on the brand-new 2020 Kawasaki STX 160 X. We actually believe it’s a handlebar reverse bar far from being the excellent budget-priced, fun-sized boat.

Unique many thanks mosts likely to Newcastle Jet Ski Centre that were kind adequate to allow us defeat on this all new system as high as we did.

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